15 Minutes of 4 Car Nerds Talking About the Gamera and the Precept


Koenigsegg and Polestar are two of the most exciting car companies. One goes for the sheer horsepower while the other focuses more on minimalism. Koenigsegg and Polester, these two car manufacturers are dwarfed by the likes of GM, Ford or VW but they hold their own when it comes to innovation.

The Koenigsegg constantly spanks Bugatti and the likes on the road while looking better. Polestar might be the new kid on the block but there are not many that are designed with beautiful minimalism that the Volvo and Polestar cars are done.

The Koenigsegg’s Youtube channel uploaded this video of the CEOs and the designers of Polestar Precept and the Koenigsegg Gamera just sitting together and admiring their brainchildren. To watch people who are genuinely interested in cars or anything in general and are quite good at them, talk, is something that’s genuinely heartwarming. See for yourself.

Koenigsegg and Polestar

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