5 things happening in F1 2022 that are beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations


F1 2022 season is going in full swing with some very interesting outcomes. Outcomes that no one would have believed just a couple of months ago. They are however as true as the round earth and the moon landing.

Let’s look at the 5 most shocking things about the Formula 1 2022 season.

Hamilton gets knocked out in Q1

Mercedes’ dominance in F1 races is only battered by their dominance in qualifying. They were so good in qualifying that Q1 and Q2 were a mere obligation for them. Bottas for example just ended his 103 Q3 appearance streak at Alfa Romeo, 100 of which he did in Mercedes.

Even the most ardent F1 fans cannot remember the last time Hamilton was out in Q1. It seemed like an impossibility for Hamilton to not get into the Q3 but here we are. For the very first time in eternity, Hamilton has failed to get past the Q1 in Italian GP.

If last year you said Hamilton would be disqualified in Q1 itself, everyone would have branded you insane. But here we are!

Haas is 7th in the constructors

Haas has been a laughing stock ever since they entered Formula 1. From financial woes to on track embarrassment, they have seen it all in a very short life. Haas were more famous for their meme potential and Romain Grossgean’s spectacular crash than their actual racing on track which speaks volumes of their quality.

After ending the 2021 season with 0 points many predicted Haas to linger at the back of the F1 constructor’s champions in 2022 as well. Many but not this website!

No one however predicted the kind of resurgence Haas are going through at this point. In just 4 races they have amassed 13 points already making this their second-best season ever in Formula 1.

Ferrari, the outright leader

Ferrari is another team that has been the subject of jokes for quite some time now. From Sbinalla memes to brain dead in-race decisions, Ferrari did not look anything like the legendary team they are. They were so behind Red Bull and Mercedes that they were looked at as a mid-table team and not one of the front 3.

Understandably people thought it would be years before Ferrari would be competitive again, forget winning. This year however has come out as a shocker to every Formula1 fan. Not only are Ferrari doing good but they are actually comfortably leading in both Driver’s championship as well as Constructor’s.

Note: It was this website that predicted Leclerc to win the Driver’s Championship for F1 2022 season.

Leclerc (86) has more points than the whole of Mercedes (77).

Valteri is fighting Merc in an Alfa

Bottas has been one driver who I have a soft spot for. I have been angry at him on many occasions for his defeatist attitude but I always thought he was poorly treated at Mercedes and was happy that he wouldn’t be in an unhealthy environment anymore.

No one however expected him to actually fight Mercedes in an Alfa Romeo. It is as much as due to Mercedes woes as it is due to Alfa’s and Bottas’ talent. He is currently just 4 points behind Hamilton and that too in an Alfa.

Hamilton gets lapped by Verstappen

The biggest shocker so far in this season’s F1 was Verstappen lapping Hamilton towards the end of the Italian GP. Everyone feared that it would happen but watching it happen in real-time was straight out of a Verstapen’s fan diary.

Ever since it happened people are only talking about it. Nico Rosberg was in the commentary box ready to rub it in for Hamilton by reminding everyone that both Russel and Hamilton have the same car and yet finished 4th while the other 14th.

Do you think we’ve covered all of this year’s shocking moments? What was the one that shocked you the most? Reply in the comments.

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