5 Things we learned from Manchester City’s victory over Chelsea in FA Cup Semi Final


The FA Semi-final between Manchester City and Chelsea was a tense affair between two teams at different trajectories in their footballing season. City recently lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinal despite showing great performance in both the legs. In the end, the English team were outclassed by Real Madrid’s grit and plethora of experience in the European competition. 

On the other hand, London-based Chelsea have been going through a torrid season on the back of a financial nightmare that began when Vladimir Putin decided to use some of his weapons and army to teach Ukraine a lesson. The snowball effect from that made Chelsea buy a Senegalese striker and that’s where Chelsea’s current problems lie. 

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Chelsea faced yet another defeat in the dying embers of the game as a Bernardo Silva goal took Manchester City into the FA Cup final. Here are the 5 things that we learned from the Manchester City vs Chelsea FA Cup Semi-final game: 

1. Nicholas Jackson is miles away from being a serious striker 

Many proponents of Nicholas Jackson steer the conversation towards his age (22) when defending his poor performance. They forget however that in football 22 is not a young age as it is in any other profession. Jackson is just a couple of years away from his prime. Many footballers before him have risen to the top of the footballing world in his age. While he is not asked to win the Ballon d’Or, a little bit of better decision-making isn’t a big ask. 

Jackson had a plethora of options to give Chelsea that lead but he missed all of them as he has been doing so from the start of this season. When he needs to shoot, he dribbles, when he needs to dribble he passes back, when he needs to pass back, he gives that ball away – such has been Jackson’s decision-making this season. When the next transfer season begins, and if Chelsea are not banned by then, they should go and buy the best striker available in the market and throw truckloads of money on him before spending a penny elsewhere. 

2. Pochettino leaves it late yet again

For all his criticism this season, Pochettino’s setup was really good against City who certainly looked lackluster after Real Madrid-disappointment on Wednesday. They looked slugging at the start and Chelsea found many chances to take a lead in the first half. 

Surprisingly Chelsea were also defensively better this time around contrary to their recent showings. All point to good preparation from the Argentine but he was guilty of making the same blunder yet again that has been making all season. At Wembly he once again brought in players really late as if he had forgotten the substitute rule of football. 

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Pep brought in Ruben Dias in place of John Stones at half-time to cement defensive facilities. He also introduced Jeremy Doku at the 66th minute in place of Jack Grealish. The Belgian attacker changed the game right away giving a lot of headache to Malo Gusto at the right back who had been one of Chelsea’s better players up until Doku’s introduction. 

Despite seeing substitutions making a huge impact for City, Pochettino stood there with his arms folded on the touchline without changing anything. He made his first change at the 79th minute a huge 13 minutes later than City’s second substitution. 

Maybe he was saving players for the extra time that never came! This has been a consistent own-goal that Pochettino has been doing all season long and he needs to change. The Chelsea coach needs to be proactive rather than sitting there waiting for something to happen. 

3. It was a certain penalty

No words for this! 

4. Bernardo Silva has his honour back

Just the other day Bernado Silva missed a penalty against Real Madrid and City were knocked out of the Champions League. As is the case with footballers, Silva faced a lot of criticism but with the winner against Chelsea, he has silenced the critics and has reinstated himself as a big-match player. 

5 City’s double is well and truly on

With a two-point lead at the Premier League table and a spot in the final of FA Cup, the double for Manchester City is well and truly on. They need to keep their heads down in the Premier League and let Arsenal and soon-to-be Klopp-less Liverpool make mistakes. 

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