Amazon Paid 11 News Channels to Push Propaganda. Looks Familiar?


It has become clear that news websites that were considered a credible source of news have now turned into a propaganda machine. Some do it very blatantly while some are very subtle. A quick glance at the Indian News Channel is enough to see this in action.

Recently an Amazon Covid-19 propaganda was aired by 11 news channels as news in the USA. The video is about how Amazon is working hard to make its warehouses safe for workers amid the coronavirus scare.

This is to counter the criticism that the company is getting due to not giving its warehouse workers sick leaves. A few days ago Amazon told workers paid sick leave law doesn’t cover warehouses. This propaganda video was paid for in order to change the narrative around workers not being let go on leave while there is a pandemic going around.

The Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and the Media are the Four pillars of democracy. The functioning of a democracy is solely dependent on these four pillars working independently. The moment one controls the other is when the whole system collapses. At the moment it looks like the Media has lost its way and would be a major reason for this system to crash!

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