AMG Teases Project One With Active Wheel Arch Vents


Mercedes has won this year’s Formula 1 Driver’s and Contractor’s championship. To celebrate their win, Mercedes released a teaser of their upcoming F1 engined car the AMG Project One and it’s bonkers!

The best part about this car is the active wheel arch vents. It also has a cool looking shark fin at the back that cuts through the air and helps keep the car stable at higher speeds. According to the Mercedes website, this car would have a 1.6 litre Mercedes V6 F1 engine along with a battery pack. The total output is reported to be around 1231 Hp and it would weigh around 1400Kg. For comparison, the LaFerrari that has a similar setup produces 950 hp and weighs 1585 kgs. The power to weight ratio on this car is insane.

Active Wheel Arch Vents

Wheel Arch Vents deploying in Race Mode

Car manufacturers go to great lengths to extract every bit of downforce they can from the air flowing against the car. Aerodynamics plays a huge role in today’s car design language. AMG, for the first time, has made the wheel arches active which means they move depending on the speed of the car. This is the first time when a manufacturer has made active wheel arch vents in a road car. The Pagani Huayra has a similar flap on the bonnet of the car that rises and contracts depending upon the speed, but not the wheel arch vent.

The AMG Project One was first announced 3 years ago and reports suggest that it’s running late. It’s one thing to make an F1 engine and win races and another to transfer that success into a road car. The teaser video featuring Hamilton solidifies AMG’s claim and we wish it gets on the road soon and doesn’t become another LFA, whereby the time it hits the road it’s already outdated.

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