An open letter to people who blast music while hiking


When it comes to trekking in India, it seems we’ve got a fresh breed of music enthusiasts emerging – the ‘Bluetooth Bards’ of the great outdoors. You can’t help but marvel at their ability to turn a serene hiking trail into an impromptu Punjabi disco or a live concert of the latest chartbusters. It’s like they’ve mistaken the mountains for an audition stage!

But hold your breath, folks! These music maestros aren’t just any ordinary audiophiles. They’re equipped with an uncanny knack for selecting the most ‘ear-grating’ tunes known to humankind. From blasting Punjabi beats that echo through the valleys to subjecting innocent fellow trekkers to the latest pop monstrosities, they’re on a mission to make sure every pine cone and rock gets to groove.

And let’s not forget their unwavering confidence in their musical taste. They firmly believe that everyone within a 10-kilometer radius shares their passion for “Yo Yo honney Singa” remixes or the latest Bollywood love ballads. Oh, the audacity!

For those of us who’ve encountered these ‘sound conquerors’ and silently endured their music madness, we know the struggle. We’ve mastered the art of fake smiles and suppressed eye-rolls, all in the name of maintaining trail tranquility and avoiding a potential melody-driven meltdown.

So, to all you Bluetooth balladeers out there, here’s a gentle reminder: while you’re busy serenading the trees, the trees might just be plotting their revenge. And for the love of all things trekking, maybe consider letting nature’s symphony take center stage next time. Trust us, your fellow trekkers and the local wildlife will thank you!

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