Apple Just Made a $5 Billion HQ but Employees Don’t Want to Work There


Apple, the biggest company in the world completed the construction of its $5 Billion head quarter inspired by a spaceship. It’s called Apple Park and it’s humongous. It’s also laden with some very high tech facilities and understandably so, given Apple is a tech company. For many working at Apple and particularly at Apple Park is a dream for many. A dream that very few are able to achieve.

It wouldn’t be wrong to think Apple employees would be itching to go back to working at Apple Park. Things are however not as you’d assume. A report by The Verge tells that Apple employees are threatening to quit due to strict remote work policies. Apple recently announced a hybrid work schedule, one that asks its employees to come to the office for 3 days a week. This would mean, Apple employees would have to return to the city in order to get to the office. Given these employees have settled into a work from home schedule, they are reluctant on returning. Since work from home does not hamper the work of a tech company, it is not an invalid question.

Many tech companies have allowed their employees to work from home until the end of this year. Some have even permanently switched to WFH since it saves them money. Some companies like Apple however are not keen on the idea, more so since they have spent an ungodly amount of money on new office space. It is to be seen who wins this tussle.

It’s just funny imagining Tim Cook pacing down the Apple Park, hands in pocket, sneakers and no belt, mumbling, “Do they even know how much money this place cost?”

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