Dear Manchester United, why won’t you appoint Diego Simeone?


Watching Manchester United fail miserably while their fans sing songs of days gone by is a thing of beauty for the opposition. The mighty-turned-obnoxious club is finally paying for their haughtiness and as a Chelsea fan, I cannot say that I haven’t enjoyed it. As a fan of the greatest game, however, I can’t say the same. Don’t get me wrong, in a game between United and Chelsea I would always want Chelsea to spank the red team from Manchester but something is changing recently.

A few days ago I met a college friend of mine who was an ardent Manchester United supporter. As we got talking our conversation soon landed onto football. I mockingly asked him about their team’s loss to Wolves and with an expressionless face he said, “I have stopped watching football”. I was taken aback by his response because he was one of the loud and proud supporters of United. Seeing my face turn from mocking to sad, he tried to make light of the situation and said, he still watched football but not as ardently as he once did. He said he does not have the patience to go through the same emotions again and again and again. I could understand his pain and so steered the conversation to the weather.

I was looking forward to pulling his leg but the outcome was something else entirely. Mocking him seemed like beating a dead horse. There was no response from his side which in turn made me feel bad for him. This is the situation of many United supporters at the moment. They lose a few games, win the next on the bounce and lose matches again. They are turning into the same Chelsea club who did not have class and changed manages at the first sight of things going south, according to them. But minus the trophies! After Sir Alex Ferguson they have had 5 managers who have compounded to no Premier League trophy and neither a Champions League. Chelsea in the meantime have won 2 Premier Leagues and a Champions League along with a myriad of other cups.

The difference between Manchester United and other teams is that they’re too stuck in their past. So much so that they cannot move ahead. United as a club is stuck in this no man’s zone where they are not able to keep aside their legacy for a fresh rebuild. Antonio Conte for example was a perfect opportunity for success but he was let go because the club is afraid of monumental changes. They want to progress while keeping things the same which is as an oxymoron as they come.

Manchester United have appointed Ralf Rangnick as their interim coach who as per English media was the greatest coach to ever walk the face of the earth. He apparently is the teacher of Klopp, Pep and probably Cruff too. United’s recent performances have thankfully dented their great claim and shut them up. This isn’t a new problem either. I have seen this with every player they sign. Martial, Pogba, Bailey, Van Bissaka, Harry Maguire and many others were touted as the best players to ever grace the pitch. None of them has come close to justifying their price tag.

The media and ex-players are particularly responsible for United’s current state. Neville, Scholes and Ferdinand have made sure United stay in the shadows of the SAF team. Liverpool have been historically the better team in Europe but do not show the same level of arrogance. They praise United to infinity when they play decently and kick them to the basement when they don’t.

A coach who hates Klopp and Pep and would improve the team just to rub in their faces is a sure shot success but would Manchester United appoint him?

All is however not lost at United. There is one coach who could make an instant and lasting impact at the Old Trafford team.The coach that I am talking about is obviously Diago Simeone, the current Atletico Madrid manager. He is someone who would instantly get rid of the prima donnas in the team and build a united United. His teams have shown the same grit and determination that was the identity of Sir Alex Ferguson’s team. Simeone and United is a match made in heaven and everyone apart from the United board and fans could see it.

I am sure though that United will not appoint him because the higher-ups in the board cannot share their control over the club. This is why their appointments have been puppets rather than coaches. Simeone at United is a chance for them to free Manchester from this endless cycle of a few good games after a few bad games resulting in no forward movement at all. Manchester United have been turned into this mere shadow of its former shelf with no identity on the pitch. Diago Simeone to Manchester United could be a turning point in their history someone just needs to pull the trigger on the decision.

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