Ball Hits the Spider-Cam, Umpire Gives Out


The few IPL viewers who were still watching the game got to see an unusual sight in the match between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab. Unadkat, the RR bowler hit the ball at the spider-cam and was caught by Nagarkoti and long on. Unadkat having seen that complained to the umpire and the decision was sent upstairs to the third umpire. The shot was replayed by the umpire but the angle was such that it wasn’t clear if the ball hit the rope or did not.

The third umpire asked the on-field umpire to go with his original decision as there was not enough data to overturn it. The game was already lost at that point and there were no complaints from the batting team. Rajasthan lost by 37 runs and now slide to 3rd position on the points table with 4 points in 3 games. KKR move to 2nd with 2 wins in 3 games. RR’s loss could be attributed to a change in the stadium from the past two matches. They played their first two games in Sharjah, which is considerably smaller than the other two stadiums in IPL. Rajasthan players were used to playing in a smaller ground and lost way when faced with the challenge of a bigger gound.

In the next game KXIP play against Mumbai Indians in Abu Dhabi. KXIP are 5th and MI are 6th with 2 points from 3 games each.

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