Bangalore finally receives first rain shower after 5 months


Bangalore has been getting the wrong end of the stick of climate change lately. Increased population coupled with deforestation in what used to be a beautiful green city has lent Bangalore its current problem of water scarcity. 

The capital city of Karnataka hasn’t seen a drop of rain since last year. There were times when it used to rain every month if not every week in the city. This is probably the longest stretch of time when Bangalore is without rain. 

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The temperatures have been hovering over 36 degrees Celsius in the IT capital of India and people who moved here in hopes of beautiful weather have been fighting the North India-like heatwave. Most have been failing miserably to get by in the hot weather given how a good chunk of the population has been used to spring-like weather year round. 

As days pass without rain, the urge to get drenched in the showers from the heavens increases even more. There are times when I run to the balcony after hearing some tinkling, expecting the cars packed below to be cleaned off of their dust – only to be disappointed and get back in with a dropped face. The yearning for rain increases even more after an episode like this. 

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Well, it looks like the rain gods have showered some luck on some of us Bangalore folks. In the wee hours of the evening on April 19th, social media was buzzing with people reporting rain in the North Eastern part of Bangalore. 

One Reddit user by the name WizardPrince_ reported rain the Hunasamaranahalli area of Bangalore. Soon Reddit users rushed to the post just to enjoy that little bit of happiness through a Bangalorean who had seen rain in 2024. 

Here’s the post showing rain showers in Bangalore: 

Guys it’s raining
byu/WizardPrince_ inbangalore

As per the WizardPrince_ though, the shower was very short-lived and he felt scammed by the rain gods. Some people in the comment section asked the user not to give them hope while some were happy with the idea of receiving rain even if that was through a phone screen. 

A Twitter page dedicated to Bangalore weather also reported the onset of rain in the coming weekend. Karnataka Weather Twitter page posted about the formation of rain clouds over Bangalore as well as a video of a cloudy sky from North Bangalore. 

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