Bangladesh Cricketers Need to Chill a Bit


Remember the Asia Cup 2018 when Bangladesh players and fans mocked other teams by doing Naagin dance whenever they won? They were mocked in the final when they lost against India and stopped doing that celebration then after. Many a time Bangladesh team has started celebrating too soon only to lose the game and be embarrassed by it. Their onfield and off-field behaviour has been questionable on many occasions. I don’t know what it is but Bangladesh cricketers are known to lose cool quite a lot as compared to players from other teams. So what happens when you create a league with mostly Bangladesh cricketers?

This is what happens!

There have been innumerable cases of fights in the Dhaka Premier League some of which are outright ban-worthy. From Sakib Al Hasan’s wicket removing antics to Mushfiqur Rahim’s slapping gesture to his teammate, Dhaka Premier League has been infested with hot-headed incidents that bring embarrassment to this gentleman’s game.

Does Bangladesh Cricket need Sports Psrychologist

Royal Challengers Bangalore appointed a Sports Psychologist in this year’s IPL for destressing and looking over the mental well being of their players. Since they have been in lockdown and away from their families this seemed like a necessity. A support staff similar to the one at RCB would certainly help Bangladesh players curb their anger and not lose their temper on the field.

The temper issue is certainly not an Indian subcontinent issue as even with billions of people in the country there are no similar issues in the IPL of Indian domestic cricket. Even Pakistan’s PSL manages to conduct the games in a professional manner, despite both India and Pakistan having the same passionate players and fans around.

Most of the anger issues or the display of it on the ground seems to stem from the conduct of senior players. In any sport, the newcomers often walk in the footsteps of seniors. It’s the senior players who dictate the atmosphere of the dressing room and others follow. Even the likes of Dhoni, Kohli and Rohit Sharma did not do anything that Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dravid were against. They had to carry themselves in certain ways or else they could have faced slack from the seniors. In the case of Bangladesh however, it is the senior players like Sakib and Mushfiqur who behave ungentlemanly something the other players learn from and copy.

Anger mismanagement is letting the team down.

Bangladesh could be a powerhouse of Asia, given they have done pretty well in recent years. After the downfall of Sri Lanka and not so great standards of Pakistan, they could be the team to rise and challenge India. However, they have always been let down by celebrating early and losing their heads in crunch situations. Remember that Dinesh Karthik Knock or Dhoni’s one glove run out on the final ball?

Bangladesh Cricket has the ability to be one of the best sides in the world but for that to happen, they need to have control over their anger and play like professionals, something that they seem to forget time and time again.

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