Bayern Munich Has Gotten Ripped!


Bayern Munich are world champions, defeating PSG 1-0 in the Champions League Final this year. For those who follow football and know a bit of history, this isn’t something out of the ordinary. Bayern have been one of the best teams since a very long time and have won 6 Champions Leagues. Under Hanse FLick they have transformed again into an efficient German team capable of embarrassing the best of clubs on any given day.

Something that has caught the eyes of attentive fans is the physical transformation of Bayern’s players. Every one of them has gotten bulkier and stronger after Hans Flik took over. Alphonso Davis who came from the MLS has gained significantly since the last 6 months or so. Lewandoski, though had an impressive build, to begin with, has also improved in the last year. When Coutinho came on as a sub in the Champions League Final, he was looking quite different from his skinnier past self.

The biggest change, however, was seen in Goretzka, who has completely transformed himself from a fit skinny guy to an absolute unit. Bayern have always been an incredibly fit team, but they never focussed more on bulking up. This year however the strategy seems to be different than before. Since Flick came he has surpassed the likes of Pep Guardiola and even Jupp Heynckes in terms of win ratio. His win ratio of 2.78 is better than Pep’s (2.6) and Heynckes’ (2.7) with an average goal of more than 3, a club record.

The Chief scientific officer and head of fitness, Prof Dr Holger Broich must also be praised for the incredible work that he did with the players. Bayern look more physical team this year, not afraid of tackling the opponent out of the game. They’ve become the first-ever team to win the Champions League winning every game in the campaign. Lewandowski not getting the Ballon D’or is the only downside for an incredibly successful year for Bayern Munich. In an interview, he said that he can score at a similar rate until 40 years of age, something that fans could take solace in.

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