Best Headlight Design on an Indian Motorcycle


The Indian motorcycling market is on an upward trend at the moment. Indian as well as foreign brands launching in India have improved their quality in the last decade or so. Gone are the days when Pulsar was the only choice in sports motorcycle and Bullet in the touring one. Today, our roads are jam-packed (quite literally too) with a plethora of good quality motorcycles.

While smaller motorcycles are restrained by price, motorcycles above the 125CC category have started paying heed to styling as well. Hedlights are an important part of that styling which is why there are great efforts made to give them a distinct design that separates them from the rest. There are some very good looking headlight designs in India some of which are shown in this list of best motorcycles headlight designs in India.

KTM Duke 390

The Duke 390/200 has changed the whole Indian motorcycling landscape. It is one of the most influential motorcycles to have come to the Indian shores. The first-gen Duke 200/ 390 were quirky in itself and while its headlight was eye-catching, it wasn’t very good looking. The newer Duke 390s however come with LED lights sourced straight from bigger Dukes and look very sharp.

There is nothing else that someone would mistake the Duke for, such is their presence and style. The LED lights on the new Duke have been shaped in the form of an inverted trident. This not only looks cool but also pays homage to the Trident of Shiva from the Hindu religion.

Honda CB 350

The Honda CB 350 launched with the sole purpose of eating into Royal Enfield Classic 350’s market share has been quite successful in its short life. There are many good things about the CB 350 H’ness that make it such a success. The biggest of with is the engine refinement as well as the whole look, feel and build quality of it. One aspect of it however that stands out from the likes of other classic bikes like the Classic 350 and Jawa is its headlight.

The CB 350 comes with a full LED system that not only looks good but is very bright as well. Riders have been changing their stock halogen lights of classic bikes to LED ones for ages. None of the other brands like Royal Enfield has dwelled into LED systems for their bikes yet, which is why the LED lights on CB 350 looks even better and different from the crowd of classic bikes.

Bajaj Pulsar 220

While many motorcycles have come and gone in the last 1 and half decades, the Pulsar 220 still stands tall among all the new generation bikes. While its headlight might not be the most beautiful, the Pulsar 220 certainly has the most distinct headlight on any motorcycle.

A distinct headlight cowl with projector and LED setups makes the Pulsar 220F among the best looking front end. The Pulsar 220F has been discontinued due to the arrival of the Pulsar F250, but it will remain in the hearts of all motorcycle enthusiasts forever.

Yamaha R15

The R15 is a pocket rocket. It has stuck to its unshamed racing heritage and is a best seller because of it. The R15 has always had good proportions, making it look like a smaller R7. The thing that catches everyone’s attention from the get-go however is its headlight.

The Yamaha R15 has one of the most aggressive and distinct-looking headlights in the motorcycling industry. From the very first generation, the twin headlights have captured the attention of millions of young riders. In the 4th generation, the twin lights have given way for a projector set up in the middle flanked by two LED running lights at the side.

The Yamaha R15 has the most aggressive headlight design in the country for sure.


BMW G310 R was launched to snatch the Due 390’s crown. It hasn’t however been able to even make a dent in 390’s sales, primarily due to being overpriced but also because it could not compete with the Duke 390 in sheer performance.

Now in the second iteration, the motorcycle has gone through some minor changes, the biggest of which are headlights. Despite having the same profile, they now come in LED. Not just a normal LED but a BMW branded LED. It looks really nice and premium and among the very best in the country

Husqvarna Svartpillen/ Vitpilen 

As much as I’d like to claim to know all about the motorcycling industry, this isn’t the case. Until a few years ago, I did not know about the Swedish motorcycle company Husqvarna. I had never heard of it and so had most of the Indian motercycle enthusistast.

My first introduction to the brand name was through a UK based motovlogger named Royal Jordanian. He has a Husqvarna Nuda 900R, a street fighter with a great sounding engine. However since the brand didn’t make a smaller motorcycle, I never thought it would arrive in India.

KTM Duke however changed everything. Husqvarna partnered with KTM for its engine and created a modern cafe racer called the Svartpillen and Vitpillen. Talking about the motorcycle would stretch this article a great deal which is why I would stop by saying that this motorcycle is a looker.

A very prominent part of that look is their LED headlight. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful which is the case with Svartpillen as well. The headlight used in this motorcycle is a classic rounded one. But it has been given the LED treatment that has a ring around the circumference and a light bar dividing the two high and low sections. It is simple, functional and eye-catching, which makes it one of the most slick looking headlights in the country.

These are the few headlight designs among Indian motorcycles that I think look the best. This is all subjective and if you think some other motorcycle should have been on the list please let us know which one and why.

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