Best Mask for Coronavirus


Coronavirus has hit the world like a truck and there is no escaping it. Only masks and sanitizers are our hope until an effective vaccine is made. Masks are inexpensive and could be made at home too, however, if you want to buy one off of the internet, these are the best options out there.

N95 Mask Without Valve Respirators

Valves used in the N95 masks are semi-permeable i.e. air is filtered when coming from outside to inside (inhaling) but it’s not filtered when coming from inside to outside (exhaling). The government has warned people from using N95 masks with valves since these masks would not be effective in case of a person carrying the virus without showing any symptoms. Although he would be cured on his own, that person could transmit the virus to other people who don’t have as much immunity as himself. The best bet against coronavirus is N95 masks without valves.

This is a highly rated N95 mask without valve. There are others of this kind that can be used as well. These are thicker than the 3 layer Non-surgical masks.

3 Ply Non-Surgical Disposable Face Mask

This is all you need to fight the greatest threat to humanity of our times. It’s ironic how a great pandemic could be taken care of with just a mask and sanitiser. This mask has a 3-layer filter that filters over 75% of airborne particles. These are cheap and could be bought in packs. The wire that clips around the nose should be of good quality for it to be effective against COVID-19 virus.

Full Face Shield

If your job requires to be outside, a full face shield should be used along with a face mask. These face shields cover the entirety fo your face from the front without obstructing the view. These are made of plastic which means you can wash it and reuse it for a long time. There are many companies selling Full face shields, below are some of the highest-rated ones.

You can make masks on your own as well. Anything that lets air pass through it such as cotton cloth can be used as a mask. The most important thing to remember while making or buying a mask is to make sure no air passes by the side of the mask. It would defeat the whole purpose if any air is allowed to pass through the edges. There are multiple DIY videos on Youtube that show how to easily make masks at home.

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