Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s ‘vulgar’ comments – what he actually said


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, while talking about women’s education and its effect on decreasing the birth rate, made a very bizarre comment. He credited the rise of the literacy rate among girls as the reason for the decreasing birth rate. In order to do so, however, Nitish Kumar made some very questionable and vulgar use of words.
Speaking on the matter Nitish Kumar said, “When a girl and boy marry, the guy does (sex) every night. This is how a child is born. But in case of an educated girl, I knew that he will do (sex), but in the end, don’t get it inside, take it out. This is how it’s done. This is why child birth rate is decreasing.”

The mannerisms, the laugh, and the gesture all point to Nitish Kumar and others thinking this was talking as the norm. This is a sad state of affairs in Bihar.
Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar faced severe backlash as his remarks on the role of education in population control for women sparked controversy. The BJP condemned his statements as an “attack on the dignity of women,” while the chairman of the National Commission for Women labeled them as “crass.” The video of his speech went viral on social media, triggering widespread criticism and highlighting the urgency for sensitivity and respect in public discourse.
After his remarks on women’s awareness regarding contraception, the National Commission for Women chairperson said, “NCW on behalf of every woman in this country demands an immediate and unequivocal apology from the CM. His crass remarks in the Vidhan Sabha are an affront to the dignity and respect that every woman deserves. Such derogatory and cheap language used during his speech is a dark stain on our society. If a leader can make such comments so openly in a democracy, one can only imagine the horror the state must be enduring under his leadership. We stand firm against such behaviour and call for accountability.”
Nitish Kumar forced to apologize:
After severe backlash, Nitish Kumar was forced to apologise. This is what he said.
“I apologise if I have hurt anybody. It was not intended to hurt anybody. I have always maintained that education is necessary for population control. I have also stood for women’s empowerment and women’s development,”

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