Bihar Is a Ticking Time Bomb


Bihar, the least looked after state, with least media attention is on a verge of total collapse due to coronavirus. With the government doing very little, time seems to have run out and the state is left to the mercy of Gods, if there is any.

Coronavirus cases have reached 27646 in Bihar but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Bihar has the lowest testing being done of all the states which means those infected cases are way higher than what is being shown in the data. Add to that the abysmal infrastructure of health and medicine and we are looking at a coronavirus hotspot that could become impossible to control if the government doesn’t wake up now.

These videos paint a very horrific picture of Bihar. The hospitals and doctors have been left to fend for themselves and they’re crumbling under the intense pressure. While the government is trying hard to contain the data with decreasing testing, the videos tell the truth.

The lowest literacy rate and bad governance have made this state a ticking time bomb ready to explode. There is no social distancing to be seen on the roads and people go about their daily work as usual. Marriage events were going on full swing not evening stopping after the death of a groom becoming a national news.

Even amid lockdown, people are out partying and attending social events with no concern for the laws and people around them. The ground reports tell a very different story than the one being portrait by the government. A story of bad governance, of poor infrastructure and of irresponsible citizens, a story that points to a very dangerous future. Bihar currently looks like a place straight out an apocalyptic movie ready to self destruct itself.

Everyone should fend for themselves at the moment irrespective of what the government plans next. They are as confused as us!

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