Bihar’s Tech Revolution takes flight as Artificial Intelligence company from Silicon Valley makes historic entry


A tech company from Silicon Valley, called Tiger Analytics, has recently made an unprecedented move by opening an office in the state of Bihar, marking the company as the first American IT enterprise to venture into this region. Mahesh Kumar, the esteemed founder and CEO of Tiger Analytics, originally hailing from Bihar himself, expressed an optimistic sentiment regarding the company’s new milestone. “We are hoping that the initial step that we are taking can lead to a lot of progress down the road,” he remarked during a recent interview with PTI.

In the midst of the ongoing global COVID crisis, a notable shift in work dynamics was observed, prompting many employees to return to their hometowns, Bihar, and adapt to remote work settings. Kumar disclosed that a significant contingent of approximately one hundred skilled professionals from Bihar and Jharkhand currently operate remotely, eagerly anticipating the emergence of more employment opportunities within their local communities.

Shedding light on the prevailing situation, Kumar underlined the abundant potential inherent within Bihar’s proficient workforce, highlighting their determination to remain close to home while underscoring the scarcity of viable employment prospects within the region. “They’re very good talented people, young people, they want to stay close to home but there are no opportunities in Bihar for them to work,” Kumar emphasized, echoing the sentiments shared by numerous skilled professionals seeking opportunities in their native Bihar.

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Fueled by a fervent desire to cultivate a robust and thriving tech ecosystem within Bihar, Kumar is actively striving to encourage like-minded individuals to unite and leverage their collective efforts in fostering a burgeoning tech community within the state. His aspirations extend beyond the singular success of Tiger Analytics, aiming to pave the way for a burgeoning wave of future tech enterprises within Bihar, igniting a transformative journey toward prosperity and innovation.

Perception of Bihar, not very positive – Sandeep Poundrik 

Sandeep Poundrik, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Industries in Bihar, candidly acknowledged the intricacies associated with attracting substantial IT investments to the state. In his assessment, Poundrik underscored the critical necessity of redefining Bihar’s external perception beyond the boundaries of India, highlighting the common misperceptions that often overshadow the region’s inherent potential. “Number one… I would say their perception of Bihar is not very positive, especially outside India. Because they have never heard of Patna or Bihar,” Poundrik candidly acknowledged during an interview.

Moreover, he accentuated the concerted efforts to fortify the existing infrastructure and create a welcoming environment for prospective IT companies seeking to establish their presence within the region. Poundrik alluded to the ongoing developments within the realm of private infrastructure, pointing to the emergence of approximately twelve IT towers within the Patliputra industrial area, serving as a tangible testament to Bihar’s burgeoning potential as a viable hub for burgeoning IT enterprises.

In response to Tiger Analytics’ pioneering initiative, the Bihar government is primed to host a momentous Global Investors Summit in Patna, slated for December 13 and 14, with a significant emphasis on fostering a conducive environment for burgeoning IT enterprises. Poundrik affirmed the government’s proactive measures, aiming to stimulate interest and facilitate engagement from both domestic and international IT entities, ultimately fostering an inclusive environment conducive to the exploration of Bihar’s untapped potential as a burgeoning IT hub.

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