4 Bikes whose previous generation looked better than the next


The Indian motorcycle landscape is growing by leaps and bounds every day. With over 21 Crore motorcycles on the road, India ranks number 1 in the number of motorcycles in the world. Here a motorcycle is not just a mode of transport but much more than that. 

This love for motorcycles is also an invitation for investors and motorcycle companies to keep improving and bring in high-quality products for the masses. In doing so, however, sometimes, companies fail spectacularly and bring in motorcycles that look worse than the outgoing model. In this post, we will look at a few of those motorcycles which looked worse than their outgoing model.

Hero Honda Karizma vs Karizma ZMR 

The Hero Honda Karizma has been one of the greatest motorcycles built in India. With a semi-faired styling akin to some late 90s Japanese motorcycles, the original Karizma set the Indian motorcycle scene on fire. Launched way back in 2007, the Karizma R with Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador quickly became everybody’s dream motorcycle. 

Just a couple of years later, however, Hero decided to improve on the Karizma R and came up with the Karizma ZMR. In order to style it with full fairing what the designers managed to do was overstyle the Karizma with unwated bodywork and give it thin tyres. The motorcycle looked like Gru. It sold well but now when you see both side by side, the original looks like a timeless design while the ZMR feels like a poorly modified motorcycle. 

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Yamaha FZ-16 V3 vs V4

The 3rd version of the Yamaha FZ-16 looked like a polished design after the first two versions. It was muscular at the front and tapered down at the back to make it look like a butch street fighter. The 4th version, however, changed the headlight by adding DRLs and that ruined the whole front end of the motorcycle. 

KTM Duke 390 V2 vs V3

The original KTM Duke 390 set the Indian motorcycle industry on fire with its insane power-to-weight ratio. Never had the country seen such fast motorcycles. Sure people used to import faster motorcycles from outside but no other motorcycle was available for the masses in the country which came even close to the performance of Duke 390. 

Understandably it was a huge success. To build on this success, KTM launched a better-looking Duke 390 which was more refined and looked bigger. This was when the market had caught up and Duke 390 V2 did not emulate the success of the first. It was however certainly a better-looking motorcycle with better proportions all around. 

To move the legacy forward, KTM launched the third version of Duke 390 in 2023 with more power, better equipment, and overall a better experience for riders. It however made it a little ugly in the name of modernity. The tank extensions don’t sit well with a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts and certainly, it is not a well-proportioned bike. Sure, it has capabilities that are better than the outgoing model, but the motorcycle doesn’t look better. 

Bajaj Pular 220 DTS-i vs Pular F250

Bajaj seems to be suffering from their own success. They made the Pular 220 F so popular that they are finding it hard to replace it with a newer and better motorcycle. They continue to launch new Pulsars in order to emulate the success of Pulsar 220 F but continue to fail at that. 

They launched the AS200 earlier and now the F250 in order to move the game forward from the Pulsar 220 F but the customers seem to be rejecting every new Pulsar for the 220F. The 220F although not a very up-to-date motorcycle to modern standards it still stands the test of time and certainly looks better than whatever Bajaj keeps coming up with. 

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