Biotin Gummies: Usage, Benefits, side effects – All you need to know


In the modern day, the consumption of supplements for healthy hair has become a fancy practice in people’s routines. Consumers get attracted to the catchy lines in advertisements, the colorful package, or the texture of a particular product even without worrying about the ingredients that the product might contain. It is always better to know what is causing your hair-related issues before starting to take any such supplements without a doctor’s consultation.

One such product is Biotin Gummies, which will be the very first suggestion that pops up while you are looking for some solution regarding any of your hair issues—one of the most recommended products by dermatologists and influencers.

What does Biotin do?

Biotin is also known as vitamin B7, which is a B vitamin essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Biotin breaks down macronutrients and converts food into fuel which is the most important part of a healthy metabolism. It is concentrated in several foods such as eggs, meat, fish, almonds, seeds, and nuts and it is also naturally produced by the gut bacteria residing in the large intestine.
Hence Biotin deficiency is rare, people with proper metabolism and gut health are unlikely to have biotin deficiency. However, most pregnant and breastfeeding women develop marginal biotin deficiency.

What are biotin gummies?

Biotin gummies are small biteable packages with essential vitamins in the convenient and delicious form of a gummy with sweeteners and flavors.

Benefits of Biotin:

If you are a person with biotin deficiency only then you will be able to witness the benefits of biotin.
1. Reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth
2. Improves the metabolism
3. Improves skin texture

Now the issue of hair or skin problems is just one of the symptoms caused due to its deficiency. That doesn’t mean that biotin supplements alone can cure all the problems. Biotin gummies or supplements are beneficial only for those who lack it and if there is a deficiency, not everyone’s hair and skin problems can be solved by just taking Biotin supplements without consulting the doctor.

Side effects of Biotin gummies:

1. Taking too much biotin gummies elevates blood sugar
2. Lead to digestion and kidney problems
3. Impacts the liver with high amount of insulin release

Be clear about what exactly is your problem before starting any treatment. For example, there is a difference between hair loss and hair growth and one should understand what they need at the very first point. The root cause of hair fall is not just lack of Biotin, there might be other issues as well like, hormonal changes, stress, diabetics, genetics, medical conditions, hairstyles and treatments, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, etc. If you are looking forward to taking some supplementary measures for your hair growth, then it’s a completely different story as prevention and cure are two different things.

For example, a scientific review found that biotin supplements improved hair and nail growth in people with acquired conditions causing a Biotin deficiency
However, there is no evidence that biotin supplements are effective in healthy people with normal blood levels of biotin.

It is very important to know the root cause of any issues before starting to have unconsulted supplements just because it is viral and fancy.

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