BJP IT Cell Head Regins, Says It’s Misleading the Citizens


It is no secret that BJP has employees that work in strengthening their hold on the internet. It’s called the BJP IT cell and it has created a nuisance on the internet for half a decade. At first, the BJP was secretive about IT but now nothing scares them anymore so it’s out in the public.

Currently, there is a framer protest going on in Delhi with farmers demanding the government takes the bill back. Obviously, the IT cell is working hard in sidetracking the farmer’s protest by spreading lies about the farmers. As soon as the protest started there were posts about Khalistani supporters being in large numbers in the farmers’ protest. These posts were cropping up on Twitter and Reddit and then trickling onto Facebook, Instagram and eventually to WhatsApp chats. The

Now news of BJP IT Cell Convener Sukhpreet Singh resigning from his post has hit social media and people are quick to see the hypocrisy in this whole ordeal. Objectively looking at this incident it’s evident that this person, who has worked in the BJP IT Cell for at least some time to be able to hold a high position, had no problem when false news and wrong information about another group of people was shared by the IT Cell. Now that the same is done against Sikhs and Punjabis of the region Sukhpreet Singh has issues with it?

This is his resignation in which he writes, “I am resigning from the post of IT head of Tilak Nagar Mandal division because the BJP IT cell is misleading the citizen of India by sharing false news and wrong information. When I opposed these activities BJP leaders and many RW handles opposed me and started calling me anti-national.” Classic!

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