Tu Jhoom Reaction Coke Studio

When a sound-alike word causes awkwardness: ‘Nigah’ vs. the N-Word in ‘Tu Jhoom’ Song

In recent years, YouTube has seen a surge in reaction channels, particularly those reacting to content from India. While these

London Marathon

Watch: Bystanders cheer London Marathon runner for finishing last, know the incredible story behind

In a viral video doing the rounds of social media, bystanders at the London Marathon could be seen cheering for

Cristiano Ronaldo Georgina

Cristiano Ronaldo fed up with Georgina’s spending, could lead to breakup, says journalist.

According to the Portuguese television program ‘Noite das Estrelas’ on the CMTV channel, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s relationship may

Cristiano Ronaldo Al Nassr

Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo’s anger towards Al-Nassr coach shows trouble in paradise

Cristiano Ronaldo has again lost his temper during a football match, this time launching a verbal attack on Al-Nassr’s coaches

Black ice multi vehicle crash on highway

Watch: Person uses all his luck to dodge two sliding cars in a multi-vehicle crash on highway

A recent video that has been circulating on social media shows the terrifying reality of winter driving. The video captured

Harpreet Singh Bhatia IPL

The high price of errors: How a mix-up cost Harpreet Singh Bhatia 10 years of IPL career

Harpreet Singh Bhatia’s journey to the top level of cricket has been a long and difficult one. As a young

Der Spiegel India vs China Population

‘India mars tak pahunch gaya aur inhe abhi yahi dikhta hai’- Twitter users blast Der Spiegel for disparaging India in ‘racist’ cartoon

The ‘racist’ cartoon published by the German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ depicting India’s demographic change has created a furor in the

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 or HNTR 350

Hunter 350 Becomes HNTR 350: Royal Enfield’s UK Renaming Dilemma Explained

Royal Enfield, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer, has recently launched its newest offering in India, the Hunter 350. However, in the

Shashi Tharoor Twitter

Shashi Tharoor slams ‘Hindi Rashtravadis’ for misspelling South Indian state names on app

Shashi Tharoor, an Indian MP and a prominent politician has expressed his anger on social media over the misspelling of

Ravish Kumar resigns from NDTV

‘Chup karane ke liye channel hi kharid liya’- Twitter hails Ravish Kumar as he resigns from NDTV after Gautam Adani takeover

One of the only shining lights among the myriad of journalists, Ravish Kumar has resigned from NDTV following its takeover

Elon Musk Twitter takeover memes

‘I am the captain now!’- Twitter flooded with memes after Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover

Elon Musk has completed his takeover of Twitter and announced it with a funny video. He posted a Tweet with

Ryan Burl Pakistan vs Zimbabwe

Quite cryptic! Zimbabwe player’s picture after Pakistan win has an Indian connection

The T20 World Cup started with a huge upset in the very first match after Namibia defeated the Aisa Cup

Flipkart Scam

‘Flipkart Dogla hai’ Trends on Twitter after the shopping giant fails to meet demands and cancels orders

Flipkart and other online shopping websites are currently having festival sales. The company offers exciting price cuts on popular products

She-Hulk reactions review

‘Men are bad’- Twitter divided as She-Hulk: Attorney at Law offends some egos

She-Hulk, one of the innumerable characters from the Marvel universe got her screen time in a new comedy-superhero genre. The

Hindu muslim bihar india

Bihar is Bad at many things but Safeguarding Religious Harmony

Bihar, probably the most backward state in the country (believe me I live here), is bad at many things. From

Indian cricket captaincy IPL

A case against best players becoming captains in Indian cricket

Just last day, Jadeja willingly gave back captaincy to MS Dhoni citing a drop in form due to the pressure.

worst run out

Is this the worst run-out miss ever?

Cricket is a game of fine margins; with just a few centimetres the ball could be given a no-ball, a

Cooldown Room in F1: The OG “Drive to Survive” is back!

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport. There is hardly any sport that deals with fine margins like F1 does.

porpoising solution F1

Should F1 teams share Porpoising Solutions with Mercedes?

The new Formula 1 season has been going on in full swing. 4 races have been completed so far with

hamilton Mercedes shocker

5 things happening in F1 2022 that are beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations

F1 2022 season is going in full swing with some very interesting outcomes. Outcomes that no one would have believed

flash android 12 in xiaomi 11i

How to flash Android 12 on Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge?

Xiaomi has risen to the top spot in India’s smartphone market in the last year. This is mostly due to

creepy IPL cameramen

Why do IPL cameramen act like lustful pigs?

Sports broadcasting has come a long way since the days of Doordarshan when all we could see was a blurry

actors in paan masala

Actors, cricketers and the death of their moral compass

“Indian people are always ready to please”- this has been noted by many colonial rulers in the past. Now even

Football defender goal

Premier League goals by defenders are even better than the strikers

The Premier League 2022 season is currently in its final stages with City and Liverpool both going neck and neck

headlight leveling

Watch headlight leveling demonstrated in a simple manner

The Indian automobile sector is growing at an unprecedented scale. Despite inflation and fuel price hike, people are buying cars

mismatch combined livery Indian train

The dying sight of uniform liveries on Indian trains

Indian trains are a thing of beauty. As a train lover, I cannot stress enough how beautiful liveries on train

advertisements in IPL

Beware, advertisements are sucking the soul out of cricket

IPL has been going on in full swing at the moment. We are a couple of weeks in and it’s

Gixxer 250 vs V Storm 250

Suzuki V Storm SX 250: Just a Gixxer 250 in adventure clothing?

The Indian motorcycling industry is currently obsessed with only two kinds of motorcycles; modern retro and adventure. Motorcycles like Himalayan,

“Operation Focus” focuses on selfish High-beam users

The Indian automobile sector is growing at an unprecedented speed. Despite rising prices and inflation, Indian people are buying vehicles

spotify ad

Spotify ads are a Breath of fresh air in the Sea of Cringe

Spotify the music streaming app has been trying to capture the Indian market but just couldn’t. It launched its services

chelsea defeat

Chelsea’s off-field misery has finally caught up to them on the pitch

They say when it rains, it pours. I did not clearly understand the meaning of this phrase until yesterday when

kante best midfielder

This video explains why Kante might be the best midfielder.

Ngolo Kante is probably the most loved football player in the world right now. The fact that is he is

Chelsea vs Real

Have Chelsea blown their chances of beating Real Madrid?

To say that Chelsea, the current Champions Trophy holders are not having a good time would be a massive understatement.

history of f1 helmet cam

The history of Helmet Cameras in Formula 1

Formula 1 is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world right now. Much of its recent success can be

New IPL winner 2022

Is 2022 the year of a New IPL Winner?

The 15th season of the IPL is going on in full flow with two new teams added to the league.

PIxel 6a in India

What would be the fate of Google Pixel 6a in India?

Google recently announced the date for its next I/O which will be held on 11-12 May. Google usually announces the

DJ Bolero

The crazy world of DJ Bolero

Rajasthan is a state with great traditions; If there is one state that deserves the tag of Royalty it is

Amul macho ad

This Amul Macho ad is wrong on so many levels

So I was watching IPL the other day and this Amul Macho ad kept on coming every few minutes. This

Royal Enfield 450 launch

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 would not be launched anytime soon, here’s why

Royal Enfield has just leaked their new Himalayan 450. I say Royal Enfield has leaked it because that is what’s

highest strike rate IPL

RANKED! Players with the Highest Strike Rate in IPL history

IPL 2022 is right around the corner and we cannot wait for it to be here again, Who could blame

fastest train in India

Ranked! The ACTUALLY fastest trains in India

Indian Railways is growing at a rapid rate. The infrastructure is now safer, clean and more efficient than the system

ipl 2022 venues

Everything you need to know about the IPL 2022 venues

IPL 2022 is just around the corner and with it begins the sporting festival of India. The schedule for the

F1 graphics

The new F1 graphics SUCK!

The new season of F1 is already upon us and it is exactly what was promised to us. The FIA

Leclerc world champions 2022

What did we learn after the first race of the F1 2022?

The first race of the F1 2022 season has just been concluded. To say that it was entertaining would be

rear view camera mirror

The camera for rear-view mirrors is a stupid idea!

There is a constant struggle to make cars better since 1886 when Carl Benz made the first car. Every year

The kashmir files download

Should you watch The Kashmir Files online?

The newly released Kashmir Files has been the talk of the nation this last week. It was brought up by

ideal smartphone buying guide

What would an Ideal Smartphone look like?

As technology progresses, our options increase. Nowhere is this more evident than in the smartphone market. Today choosing an ideal

difference between scram 411 and himalayan

These are all the differences between Scram 411 and Himalayan

The Himalayan Scram 411 is a new entry to Royal Enfield’s growing lineup. It is however not very distinct from

Royal Enfield Scram 411

Royal Enfield launches a Frankenstein motorcycle in Scram 411

Royal Enfield has today launched the Himalayan Scram 411 at a price of Rs 2.03 lakh ex-showroom. This motorcycle was

Hamilton and Russell competition

Here’s how George Russell could end up ahead of Hamilton in F1 2022

The new season of F1 is almost upon us, with testing already over, it is finally time for Rawe Ceek!

f1 2022 ranking

Ranking F1 teams for 2022 before the start of the season in Bahrain

It’s finally Rawe ceek and with that, the ends the yearn for the wheel to wheel racing for the highest

Bajaj Pulsar colour

Bajaj changes Pulsar’s colour for the 100th time

Bajaj once owned the sports motorcycle market in India, now however it is just a mere shadow of its former

Leclerc f1 2022 winner

Leclerc will Win the F1 2022 World Championship! Hear me out,

The new season of Formula 1 is finally upon us and it brings with it weekends of fun and speed.

wild stone ad song

This Wild Stone Ad features a better song than most of Bollywood’s these days

The quality of songs is in great decline today. While there are still some very good singers in India, many

PSG bottlers

PSG add another to their long list of bottle jobs

PSG have been dumped by Real Madrid with their dream of winning the Champions League shattered again. Again because this

motorcycle damage

This is how you’re Damaging your Motorcycle without knowing

Motorcycles tend to have great effects on riders, so much so that, we treat them as living beings. Almost all

Royal enfield himalayan upgrades

3 Changes that would make Royal Enfield Himalayan the Best Adv

Royal Enfield is currently killing it in the motorcycle business. Not just in India but all over the world, their

stock android phone india

The Helpless state of Stock Android fans in India

India has the second-highest number of cell phone users at 1.28 billion with these numbers only rising every day. The

The batman the vengeance

Why isn’t the Batman called the Batman in The Batman?

After watching The Batman yesterday I have returned massively impressed with the movie. This movie was either going to flop

The Batman Review

Here’s Everything you need to know about The Batman now that I’ve watched It

The Batman Review Batman is one of the best superhero movies in recent times. It is dark, suspenseful, well shot

most underrated motorcycle features

These are the Most Underrated Features on a Motorcycle

This is the golden age of motorcycles in India. There are new and better motorcycles coming every few months now.

overrated features on motorcycle

These are some of the Most Overrated Features on a Motorcycle

Motorcycling has seen immense growth in the past decade due to massive instability in the world. People want to live

Lukaku form at Chelsea

Are Chelsea better without Lukaku?

Romelu Lukaku, the one destined to be the Drogba’s successor doesn’t seem to having a good time in England. He

upcoming motorcycle launch 2022

5 Upcoming Motorcycles that Keep Me Going in 2022

There has never been a better time for motorcycle enthusiasts in India than right now. With companies launching new motorcycles

Formula 1 – Drive to Survive Trailer: Gun Cocking sound Intensifies

The Formula 1 – Netflix partnership has got to be the best one in all of recent sports history. It

Chelsea FC russsia ukraine

Chelsea FC: Caught between Football and War

There is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that has created a huge divide between the West and Russia.

Abramovich selling chelsea?

Is Abramovich going to sell Chelsea FC?

The Russia- Ukraine war has engulfed all of the world in its psychological wake. What seemed like diplomatic pressurisation by

Royal Enfield Scram 411

Scram 411 is not an ADV and not a Scrambler, What the hell is it?

Royal Enfield has been killing the game in the sub 500 cc category in India. The Classic 350 sales, for

Royal Enfield Scram 411 luanch

I predicted the Royal Enfield Scram 411, Kind of!

Royal Enfield Himalayan has changed the whole landscape of adventure motorcycles in India. It has single-handedly created a niche that

Pulisic falling down

Pulisic Falls down as if he gets Paid for it

Christian Pulisic, the American footballer currently playing for Chelsea in the Premier League is often touted as the next big

caragher and neville

Neville and Carragher’s Reactionary Hot Takes know No Bounds

I love watching Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher talking politely about what Sky Sports calls a “heated argument”. I have

Bajaj Triumph motorcycle

We’re all eagerly waiting for Triumph+Bajaj vs Royal Enfield fight

Bajaj and Royal Enfield are two of the biggest motorcycles companies in India manufacturing motorcycles for a long long time.

Premier League title race

Harry Kane throws the Premier League Title Race Wide Open

Just when we had all accepted this year’s title race to be a procession for Manchester City, the football gods

Xiaomi 11i android update miui 13

Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge Android Update: What the heck?

Xiaomi has become the biggest smartphone company in India as well as third in the world on the back of

Thumbs down YouTube

How to Restore YouTube Dislikes on Android and PC

Youtube has some sort of monopoly in the video-sharing platform niche. It has so big of a monopoly that it

away goal rule in champions league

The Away Goal Rule in Champions League: A Detailed Look

The Champions League is a trophy that every club dreams of winning. Every year, 32 teams from various European leagues

most expensive players IPL 2022

Top 10 most expensive players at the IPL mega auction 2022

IPL Mega Auction has just been concluded with teams squandering to get players that they want. Some got their players

Triumph bajaj bike

Bajaj-Triumph to take on Royal Enfield, new motorcycle pictures LEAKED

Bajaj, the Indian motorcycle that captured the Indian motorcycling market with its Pulsar brand way back in 2001. Two decades

Best looking Bajaj motercycle

Ranking the Best Looking Bajaj motorcycle of all time

Bajaj has been one of the biggest motorcycle brands in the country for a while now. Credited with popularising sports

Chelsea transfer window success

Chelsea’s January transfer window was a success despite not buying any players

There are no dull moments as a Chelsea fan- the footballing season is always fun but so are the transfer

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Here’s the Clearest Video of the Upcoming Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Royal Enfield has upped their game since the launch of the Interceptor 650. They’re now truly an elite motorcycle company

Best and worst IPL names

Ranking IPL team names from Best to Worst

This year two more teams have been added to the IPL, further diversifying the biggest cricket league in the world.

Best headlight

Best Headlight Design on an Indian Motorcycle

The Indian motorcycling market is on an upward trend at the moment. Indian as well as foreign brands launching in

Giroud vs Lukaku

It’s Time to Accept, Giroud Was Better Than Lukaku

There are no dull moments in the life of a Chelsea fan. You’re either euphoric after great performances and cup

Diego Simeone to Manchester United

Dear Manchester United, why won’t you appoint Diego Simeone?

Watching Manchester United fail miserably while their fans sing songs of days gone by is a thing of beauty for

Yezdi Adventure

Yezdi Adventure is a strong challenge to Royal Enfield Himalayan

The classic and adventure motorcycle segment is currently all the rage in India. A segment that was dominated by Royal

Himalayan vs Yezdi adventure

Is Yezdi Adventure enough to topple Royal Enfield Himalayan?

The adventure segment in the country is hotting up rapidly. A few years ago we had nothing of this sort.

Yezdi scrambler

Yezdi Scrambler: Fresh and Ambitious

Yezdi the legendary motorcycle brand is finally back from its hibernation of more than two decades. With the launch of

Saul and Ziyech

Saul and Ziyech could be instrumental to Chelsea’s success this season

The Premier League has entered the second half of the season with 17 games still to be played. This also


Is this an indication of Ziyech’s return to form?

Hakim Ziyech, the Chelsea winger has had an unimpressive spell at Stanford Bridge so far. Don’t get me wrong, he

Yezdi Is Ready to Challenge Royal Enfield With Two New Launches

Royal Enfield, the oldest motorcycle brand in the world is on an upward surge for the past decade or so.

Chelsea dejected

It Looks Like the Wheels Are Coming off at Chelsea

Chelsea, the all-conquering team who won the Champions League have won just 1 of their last 6 games. The defence

Ugliest motorcycle in India

Ugliest Motorcycles Currently on Sale in India

Motorcycles were intended to be mere tools for transportation but humans are very emotional beings and soon these tools turned

Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen

Red Bull – Mercedes Fight Out in the Closest Constructors Championship Ever

This year’s Fromula1 has been incredible. The title is not yet decided with just two races remaining. Verstappen leads Hamilton

Electric scooters in India

Why Are Most Electric Two Wheelers – Scooters?

There is an ongoing flood of electric scooters in the country at the moment. Every company is trying one thing

Splendor Plus

5 Reasons why Hero Splendor is the most popular motorcycle in India

Hero sells more than 30 Lakh Splendor Plus in India every month. For comparison, TVS cannot sell that many Apaches

Thomas Tuchel Chelsea

Tommy Tactics Has Chelsea Flying on Top

Chelsea the Champions League title holders smashed 4 past Juventus last night. The gulf in class between the two sides

Saul at Chelsea

Saul Niguez at Chelsea: Right Player at the Wrong Time!

Chelsea, the table-toppers of Premier League are doing everything right at the moment, with all their players happy and firing

Dominar vs pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar 250 vs Dominar 250, Which to Buy?

With the launch of the new Pulsar N250 and F250 Bajaj has thrown the gauntlet onto the competition. With a