Blueprint of Every Kapil Sharma Show Episode


Kapil Sharma is one of the finest comedians in our country. India got to know him from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge way back in 2007. That show was a huge breakthrough for stand up comedy. Indian audience had not experienced stand up comedy of that stature up until the show started airing on colors. Kapil Sharma joined the show in its 3rd season and won. Since then he has had a very successful career in the TV industry. He also did some movies but wasn’t as big a success as he is on TV.

His current show The Kapil Sharma Show is in its second season and gets quite decent TRP for a show that is moderately funny at it’s best and too cringy at its worst. The show seems to have settled on a single script which goes mostly like this,

  • Start- Let’s welcome this very talented actor xyz and his heroine abc.
  • Shadi Karke fass gaya and other similar jokes that used to be funny 25 years ago.
  • Speaks broken English and the audience laughs as if it’s the best joke since the first fart joke was made.
  • Speaking of fart jokes, those are plenty too.
  • Archana being male is a joke being done since The Comedy Circus way back in 2007 but Kapil Sharma still makes that joke and the audience still finds it too funny to be sat at one place.
  • Next comes his jokes on co-actors and specifically their appearance. Fat jokes, dark skin jokes, poor jokes, the worse the better.
  • He then proceeds to praise the trailer of whatever guest they have. Bhagwan kare aapki film super duper hit ho, 650 crore kamaye. The file goes on to flop and earn 55cr in total.
  • Khoobsurat ladki dekh k mera flirt nikal jata hai.
  • Apne shadi ki? Thori si bhi nahi?
  • (When an actress shares something) Ameer log, hamare yahan to aisa hota hai.
  • You’ve become so successful but did you ever think you’d get the chance to get on my show.
  • Keep smiling, keep your neighborhood clean and keep watching the Kapil Sharma Show.

His jokes are repetitive and not even loosely funny, so why is it that the host makes the same kind of backward and belittling jokes every episode. Is he racist or unfunny, because he wasn’t like this when he started out? Has he not realised that society has moved from these kinds of jokes that are made at the expense of someone’s appearance?

Is he living under a rock?

No sir, if you think he does these jokes out of ignorance, it is you who has been living under a rock. This guy is a professional with a huge budget and a team that plans everything to the smallest of details in order to maximise profit. They carry out different focus groups to figure out what kinds of jokes are liked by the majority and settle on the ones that do. He makes the jokes that could be understood by most and dumbs it down even further to make it easy on the brain.

The majority of the country likes these sexist, racist and bigoted jokes and there can nothing be done until society as a whole grows up and moves past this brand of comedy.

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