Calling all Bangalore Metro travelers to learn some discipline from this video


In bustling cities like Bangalore, the metro system serves as a lifeline for commuters, offering a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. However, one aspect where Bangalore’s metro system falls short is in passenger etiquette, particularly when it comes to boarding and alighting trains.

A common scenario encountered by me while commuting on Namma Metro is the lack of discipline when queuing up to board the train. Unlike the orderly queues observed in Tokyo’s metro system, where passengers patiently wait for others to exit before boarding, Bangalore Metro riders often face a chaotic rush as people jostle to get inside the train.

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One of the most frustrating experiences for passengers is when they diligently form a line, only to be cut off by others who disregard the queue and forcefully push their way onto the train. This not only leads to discomfort but also poses safety risks as overcrowding increases.

Let’s learn some discipline from Tokyo Metro users: 

To illustrate the stark contrast in metro etiquette, a video from Tokyo’s metro system showcases passengers lining up courteously, allowing ample space for others to exit before boarding. This display of courtesy and consideration is a hallmark of Tokyo’s metro culture, reflecting a collective commitment to public decorum.

How do we learn “discipline”
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The video serves as a poignant reminder for Bangalore Metro riders to emulate the disciplined behavior observed in Tokyo’s metro system. By prioritizing respect for fellow passengers and adhering to queueing norms, commuters can contribute to a more pleasant and efficient metro experience for everyone.

As the North Indian saying goes, “Zindagi me 2 second bacha ke kya ukhaad liya?’

So next time you use Bangalore / Namma Metro, please be a little patient and let people ahead of you move before you do. Everyone has to be somewhere, and everyone’s time is important, why should someone give way to you and essentially be at a disadvantage themselves? 

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