Chelsea Shouldn’t Buy Kai Havertz


There is this rumour going around for over a month now that Chelsea are chasing for the Bayer Leverkusen midfielder and he wants to move to the London club as well. The current Chelsea transfer news is that the German club has set an asking price in excess fo £70m.

While Havertz is an exceptional player, Chelsea don’t need him. Signing him wouldn’t rid Chelsea of the woes of this season since most of the problems lie in defence. Chelsea has already signed Hakim Ziyech from Ajax and Timo Werner from Borussia Dortmund. The attack at the moment looks very potent with Abraham, Hudson Odoi, Pulisic, Mount, Barkeley, Loftus Cheek, Kovacic, Kante, Gilmour along with the new signing Werner and Ziyech. It could stand toe to toe with any of Liverpool or City attack.

The defence, on the other hand, is a different story altogether. After John Terry’s retirement, it has never looked assured for even once. Azpilicueta tries his hardest and makes up for speed and physicality with bravado and determination. Apart from him though, rest all look a class behind. Chelsea have conceded 49 goals this season with 3 games still to go. Even Crystal Palace have conceded less and that tells you everything about where the problem lies for Chelsea.

Chelsea’s embarrassing “goals conceded” record

Chelsea’s defence has been very inconsistent this season. The likes of Zouma, Christensen and Rudiger don’t have that sure-footedness of Terry or even Cahill. Whenever an opponent attacker starts to move towards the penalty box, you dread for a goal. Although big and strong, Zouma, Rudiger and the company cannot even make the clearance in a set-piece. Even a mid-table team manages to score 2-3 goals against Chelsea with ease.

The costliest keeper in the world, Kepa, has himself looked quite ordinary this season as well. This all adds to Chelsea having a poor defence and unless that is sorted out first, there is no point in getting a flashy new midfielder who is going to do very little to help the defensive side of things.

Alonso also needs to be replaced as he has become a burden on the team at the moment. He is too slow for the flanks. He isn’t a very good dribbler either which means he never gets past the other team defence where he could play a cross or even go for a goal himself. Most of the times he would run the 80% of the flanks and pass the ball to either Kovacich or another midfielder playing on the left side. Same is true for Palmieri. Playing monotonous passes sucks the life of out the game and not only is it ineffective but also incredibly boring.

Chelsea’s shoddy Home record this season

Chelsea’s of the past have been built on solid defences when scoring at the bridge was considered incredibly tough for a travelling team. Now however even bottom teams are hopeful of a win or a draw at least. A poor home record this season reflects the problem Cheleaa have with a weak defence. No amount of money spent in the attack is going to turn Chelsea into title contenders unless they figure out a way to solidify their defence. Kai Havertz is not going to turn this season’s 2-2 draws into 3-0, they’ll just be 3-3 draws next season.

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