Chelsea vs Manchester City 4-4 was a firecracker on Diwali, are Chelsea finally back?


Chelsea and Manchester City have just played a 4-4 Premier League blockbuster on the night of Diwali. The game had everything, goals, tackles, comebacks, players scoring against their former teams. Even the rain gods arrived to make the match even more special in the second half. 

And special it was! 8 goals in total in a span of 110 minutes at Stamford Bridge has every Chelsea fan buzzing. And why not, Chelsea are finally looking like a team that was promised to all the Blues fans. 

The West London club has started the season really poorly having lost games left right and center. They have still not become resurgent however as they still need to win games on a regular basis to be considered a top 6 team. 

When it comes to scoring goals, however, Chelsea are now right up there with the best. In the first 6 games, for example, they had scored 6 goals. In their next 6 games, Chelsea have scored 15 goals. Moreover, these goals have not come against bottom-table teams, the Mauricio Pochchettino-led side have scored 10 of these 15 goals against Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester City. 

On the night of Diwali, Chelsea played like their usual old self, coming back thrice to level the scoreboard and give their fans a lot to cheer about. 

Are the old Chelsea back? 

No, not as of yet. But they will be. This game showed the quality of Chelsea’s players. We would have said that they were back if they had won the match, which they could have honestly. Malo Gusto and Cole Palmer came really really close to winning it for Chelsea. 

An Antholy Taylor-awarded penalty to Erling Haaland, no card or free kick for Kyle Walker’s handball, a huge deflection goal for Rodri, and a Chelsea counter attack stopped by Taylor in the dying embers of the game- all of these point to the fact that Chelsea were indeed better than City in the 4-4 draw. 

That in itself is a huge turnaround for Chelsea. The performance certainly points to the fact that Chelsea are improving by leaps and bounds and the Toddy Boely project is certainly working. While Chelsea are still not ‘back’, as a good enough Chelsea side would have won that match. The young team however is certainly on the way to becoming a quality Chelsea side. 

Remember, this Chelsea side has not lost against Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester City this season and has scored 11 goals against them. 

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