China Shows Its Insensitive Side in Wuhan Again


China has shown its ugly side time and time again. Recently it sent its army inside Indian territory in which 20 Indian and more than 40 Chinese soldiers died. Its systematic oppression of Uyghur Muslims is also a well-known secret around the world. The biggest destruction it has caused around the world, however, is through coronavirus. The virus that is responsible for the death of almost 800,000 people originated from the Chinese port city of Wuhan.

covid 19 cases worldwide

Till now China has not apologised for the virus that killed thousands of people around the world and caused billions of dollars of loss in the world economy. It has also changed lived of billions of people around the world for worse. China takes no responsibility for the virus nor for the people who died due to this virus.

While China’s stance, that it has done nothing wrong, has been clear from the beginning, there was this unspoken understanding that as humans being they must be feeling sad for the destruction they’ve created. Well, an incident from the epicentre of this pandemic has cleared the confusion that the world had.

This video shows people in Wuhan, China enjoying a party in a water park with lights and beer while a DJ plays their favourite songs. This, when a large chunk of the world population is battling with their lives, shows not just the insensitivity of the Chinese but also confirms a long-held notion that they do not care about anyone but themselves.

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