Could Portugal Win the EURO again?


EURO 2020 is here to save us from the boredom of League Football’s absence. The first round of games has already been played with the team’s giving a similar performance as was expected of them. While most pundits are focused on France, Germany and England, there is another team that looks equally as good if not better than these three.

Portugal, despite winning the EURO 2016 have not received the same level of respect as France or Germany does in world football. They are still considered an underdog. I’m here to show you that Portugal has probably the most well-balanced team of EURO 2021 behind France. This team is well endowed with world-class players in all three areas of the pitch and could go all the way and win EURO 2020.

Lets look at every aspect of their team!


Portugal defence has been carried by Pepe for a very long time now. The ex-Real Madrid player has been a nuisance to attackers all his life but is past his prime. Despite that, however, he has been incredible in the Portuguese team in the last EURO and continues to do so in this one as well. The biggest addition to their defence however is certainly Ruben Dias. Dias has been awarded the Player of the Season in Premier League and that tells you all about him. He has been incredible for Manchester City by filling the huge void left by Vincent Company a couple of years ago and would certainly make the Portugal defence hard to breach.

Portugal also have a very solid Goalkeeper in Rui Patricio who was immense in pulling Wolves to the top half of the table in the 2019 season. Things have not been so smooth this year, but he is well capable of keeping their backpost safe.


Portugal’s midfield was lacking in the last EURO but that did not stop them from winning the Cup. This year however their midfield is properly stacked with some great talent. To start with, they have Bruno Fernandes, probably the best player at Manchester United at the moment. Fernandes has been immense in steadying the unstable ship that was United under Mourinho. He has been instrumental in getting them to the second-place finish in Premier League this year.

Another player that is equally as talented is Bernado Silva. He was probably Manchester City’s best player last season, and although he did not get to play much this season, his talent cannot be denied. Capable of not just creating goals but also scoring them, Bernado Silva could be Robin to Ronaldo’s Batman.

Ruben Neves was the best player outside of the Top 6 in the Premier League last season and could be very important for Portugal in EURO 2021. Players like Renato Sanchez, Jao Moutinho, Rafa Silva, Willian Cavalho and others are well endowed with talent and experience. Portugal’s midfield could be the reason for winning the EURO this year.


I could well have written Cristiano Ronaldo in this section and be done with it because at the age of 36 he is still capable enough to lead any team’s frontline. If you disagree with me, I would throw a Coca Cola right at your head!

Portugal however are so stacked at the top that even Ronaldo’s absence would not hurt them as much as before. They have Jao Felix, Diogo Jota and Andre Silva leading the line, every one of them capable of matching a world-class defence. If Ronaldo stays fit (you know he will) Portugal could successfully defend the EURO trophy that they won last time.

Now that you look at their team, it’s not crazy to think that Portugal could win EURO 2020, is it?

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