Cultural bonds strengthened: Thailand sends soil to Ayodhya for Ram Temple inauguration


Thailand and India have a strong cultural bond. To strengthen this bond further, Thailand has sent soil to the sacred site of Ram Janmabhoomi ahead of Ayodhya’s Ram Temple inauguration on January 22nd. Earlier Thailand had also sent water from two rivers in Thailand to the Ram Temple. 

Swami Vigyanananand, founder and global chairman of the World Hindu Foundation (WHF), highlighted the deep cultural connection between Thailand and India, emphasizing that kings in Thailand belong to the lineage of Lord Ram’s descendants. Notably, a famous city in Thailand was known as Ayutthaya, where its kings bore the title of ‘Ramatibodhi’ (“Lord Rama”).

The initiative to send soil from Thailand to Ayodhya was taken by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), with Susheelkumar Saraff, President of the Thailand chapter of VHP, playing a pivotal role. Swami Vigyanananand expressed that the collaboration between the two nations goes beyond soil, reflecting a robust cultural and historical bond.

“India and Thailand have a strong cultural and historical bond. Kings belong to Lord Ram’s descendants. Every king here too has the title of Ram in their name, which is an old tradition here,” stated Swami Vigyanananand.

Thailand holds a rich Hindu cultural heritage

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, holds a rich Hindu cultural heritage, evident in its historical connection to the Ayutthaya kings and the tradition of naming kings after Lord Ram. This shared cultural legacy has led to the organization of the World Hindu Congress in Bangkok, further solidifying the ties between the two nations.

The consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla on January 22, 2024, holds significant importance, and preparations are underway for the event. Soil from Thailand is being sent to Ayodhya in anticipation of the ceremony, with 51 countries set to witness the consecration. Swami Vigyanananand and Susheelkumar Saraff plan to be present in Ayodhya for the momentous occasion.

Expressing his delight over the scheduled consecration, Swami Vigyanananand shared, “The ceremony will be telecast live in Bangkok, and Hindus from across the globe will converge at the event, engaging in kirtans, bhajans, puja, and recitation.”

The cultural connection between India and Thailand extends to religious texts, with the Thai text “Ramkeen” holding a similar status to the Thai Ramayana. Dr. Suresh Pal Giri, who has been teaching in Thailand for 22 years, emphasized the genetic Hindu roots of Thailand and the enduring worship of Lord Ram in both countries.

“The similarity between India’s Ayodhya and Thailand’s Ayodhya is that we have not forgotten our ancestors, our existence, and our traditions,” said Dr. Suresh Pal Giri. He noted that even after centuries, Lord Ram continues to be revered in Thailand, with Hindu temples dedicated to Indian kings existing in the region.

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