Dear Bangalore traffic, here are 8 things I hate about you


As we all know, Bangalore has massive traffic jams with vehicles stuck on the road for hours together with the worst traffic congestion in India. Having lived in Bangalore for over 20 years, I’ve had my own worst experiences while riding.

Here are a few things that I hate about Bangalore traffic.

1) Usage of indicators:

The very first thing anyone should know before starting to learn how to ride is to know how and when to use indicators, headlights, honking, and other basic disciplines.
On average in Bangalore, people use indicators just once in a while, and the rest of the time it’s their road and decision. I hate it when they are still figuring out whether to take left or right with any one of those indicators on.

2) Nobody is patient:

Bangalore’s lifestyle, and hectic schedule, of course, people are busy and nobody wants to drive patiently and be calm till they reach their destination. Once you start to live in this city, you should know that no matter what, you need to dedicate some time to be at a standstill in the traffic. If you rather think of challenging Bangalore’s traffic, then be ready to be in a hurry for life.

3) Lack of lane discipline:

All the lanes on Bangalore’s roads are almost filled with vehicles going just one way, and the vehicles going the other way will have to wait which creates a big jam. In Bangalore, due to roads being narrow the smooth flow of vehicles is just difficult.

4) The dominance of local Bus and Auto drivers:

Local bus and auto drivers own the entirety of the road according to their will. I hate when the bus drivers overtake immediately without being bothered about the tiny little scooters on their sides. Similarly, local auto drivers think that they are riding bicycles and try to get through all the tiny gaps between two vehicles. In Bangalore not just driving is difficult but sitting behind is also a mental trauma.

5) Overtaking ambulance:

My prayers are for those who have lost their lives in the ambulance waiting in Bangalore traffic. As we all know ambulance has to be given space in priority during an emergency, but you see people trying to overtake ambulances and are least bothered about saving a life.

6)  Bangalore’s weather and stagnant traffic:

Bangalore’s weather is one of the most beautiful in the country.
But it is very unpredictable which is amazing and annoying at the same time.
Picture this, you are all set to go to the office, it’s cloudy so you wear a jacket because you’re riding and plug on the earphones to get drenched in U1 music feeling that you are nowhere lesser than Wonder Woman. The clouds then gradually move and clear out making way for a beautiful blue sky, Ahhh…so amazing right!!!

But yeah, now Mr. Sun is on top of the head and the traffic isn’t moving, making for one hell of a combination. After all this, you reach the office like a fried-up pakora.

One of my worst experiences was waiting for hours under the hot sun in stagnant traffic at Hebbal flyover,  getting drenched by sweat.

7) Getting stuck in shortcuts:

When you are running late, obviously you want to take the shortest route and reach the destination soon. But here comes the twist. Bangalore gullies have a lot of annoying turns, humps, and speed breakers until you realize that you have wasted a lot of time already. It’s far way better to take normal main roads rather than get lost in an intricate maze of Bangalore’s inner roads.

8) KSRTC Bus emissions while you are in a scooty without a mask:

I want to stop those bus drivers and call them out for not getting the emission test done. Don’t you guys feel like some big fat guy is farting for miles till you are stuck behind him in long traffic? I just hate it!

Overall Bangalore is a beautiful city with amazing weather and refreshing greenery, however, the city is still struggling with poor management of traffic.

Hopefully, my experience makes you better prepared for the onslaught of different emotions that Bangalore traffic induces.

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