Did Zomato Just Encourage Children to Steal From Their Parents?


Zomato, the Indian food delivery company that has transformed the food ordering service in Indian along with Swiggy has been found encouraging children to steal from their parents.

Zomato has been bulk emailing this message to children in India. The mail reads,” Here’s a cheat sheet to convince your folks to let you order!. The next line reads,” Patience is key. Let your parents fall asleep, Sneak in your order and enjoy it in your room quietly.” The message encourages stealing and I wonder how it got approved in the first place. While many companies fall prey to these types of bad PR while trying to connect with the young generation, this is entirely another level of desperation.

That’s what happens when a company is solely profiting off of a large unemployed youth in the country. Zomato and Swiggy’s business model is dependent on paying delivery boys as less as possible and giving less margin to the restaurants they take food from. Investments in the company are what keeps it afloat in a time like this when people did not order food from outside. This mail points to desperation among the company to get their customers back. This move, however, is quite problematic even for a big corporate which prioritises money over everything else.

People on the ineternet were quick to point out the how bad of a move this was from Zomato. They called Zomato for this bad PR stunt and many vowed to not order food from Zomato ever again.

People were quick to poke fun at the whole problematic ordeal

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