Do Carrots Improve Eyesight? Yes but Actually No!


Carrots are interesting vegetables, being 85% made out of water. It also has a large content of Vitamin A which are useful for good eyesight. Eating carrots, however, wouldn’t improve your eyesight. The fact that carrots improve eyesight was a tool to deceive the Germans by the Britishers in The second world war.

In 1943, the world war was in full effect. Bombs were being dropped left right and centre with casualties rising exponentially. This is when the Britishers came up with a working radar for their air force. It was called the RDF (Range and Direction Finding). It is said that with the help of advanced radar, Britain was able to win the world war 2. While the extent is debatable, radar certainly helped Britain a great deal.

So much so that Britain didn’t want Germany to know that they have some form of device to detect the Nazi planes and ships. With the help of these radars, Britain would regularly find and sink enemy ships at the sea. The British were doing this with so much accuracy and regularity that the Germans started to have suspicion. This is when the Britishers came up with a fascinating plan. They said that the reason their pilots could sink enemy ships even in darkness was because they ate carrots and hence they could see in the dark.

They not only just say it but doubled down by printing posters and advertisements all across the country on benefits of carrots. Britain at this point in time was also having a shortage of food since most of the cops were destroyed and a huge amount of labour was being employed in fighting the war instead of growing crops.

Potato and carrots could be easily grown in the lawns which is why Britain started promoting carrots and potato as potentially life-saving and eyesight improving vegetables. This was a time when major cities went into lockdown every night so as to not give the bombers an idea of where cities are located. So, growing carrots and potatoes also eliminated risk of famine.

Carrot was a multirole tool in the world war and created the myth that carrots improve eyesight. Only LASIK surgery improves eyesight. You can either maintain it or let it go bad, it cannot be “improved”.

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