‘Don’t ask me to do extra things after the game’ – Guardiola criticises fixture congestion after Manchester City’s FA Cup triumph against Chelsea


Manchester City secured a hard-fought victory against Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday, but the win was overshadowed by manager Pep Guardiola’s scathing comments about fixture congestion. Guardiola took aim at the organizers for what he perceived as an unfair schedule, which he believes contributed to their Champions League exit and put unnecessary strain on his team.

“People can’t understand the punch in our face to be out of the Champions League,” Guardiola lamented. It’s clear that the disappointment of their Champions League elimination still loomed large over the Manchester City camp.

“Why not give us an extra day with Man Urd, Chelsea, Coventry not playing in midweek?” Guardiola questioned, highlighting the disparity in scheduling that saw City facing a crucial FA Cup tie just three days after their grueling Champions League clash with Real Madrid.

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The intensity of the matches, particularly the exhausting encounter against Real Madrid that went to penalties, left City with little time to recover and prepare for the semi-final showdown against Chelsea. Guardiola’s frustration was palpable as he criticized the scheduling, suggesting that it put his team at a significant disadvantage.

“For the broadcasters… ok, don’t ask me to do extra things after the game — because I am not going to do it,” Guardiola asserted. His statement was a clear message that he wouldn’t entertain additional post-match commitments when his team’s schedule was already stretched thin.

Guardiola’s comments reflect the growing concerns among managers about fixture congestion and its impact on player welfare and performance. With competitions like the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League running simultaneously, top clubs often find themselves navigating a packed fixture list.

Here’s Pep Guardiola speaking on fixture congestion 

Manchester City’s situation is not unique, as many top clubs face similar challenges with congested schedules. However, Guardiola’s outspoken criticism highlights the need for organizers to consider the welfare of players and the competitive integrity of the competitions.

While Guardiola’s frustration is understandable, his focus now shifts to ensuring that Manchester City finish the season strongly. With the Premier League title race still in the balance and an FA Cup final to prepare for, Guardiola will need to rally his team and navigate through the remaining fixtures with resilience and determination.

After their victory against Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final, City will face the winner of Coventry City and Manchester United in the all-important FA Final on 25th May. 

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