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IPL 2022 is just around the corner and with it begins the sporting festival of India. The schedule for the IPL has been out for quite some time now and the first match of IPL 2022 will be played between CSK and KKR on 26th march.

Apart from the addition of two teams in this year’s IPL, another big change has been done in the IPL 2022 venues. Due to COVID restrictions still plaguing our world, IPL has been restricted to just two cities namely Mumbai and Pune. The first leg or the league stage of the IPL 2022 will be played in 4 stadiums located in Mumbai and Pune. Out of these 4, 3 stadiums are located in Mumbai and 1 in Pune. Let’s look at what IPL 2022 venues have to offer for this season’s IPL.

Note: All of these IPL 2022 stadiums are where league stage matches will be held. The semi-finals and the final is scheduled to take place at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad.

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

The iconic Wankhede Stadium is among the best cricket stadiums in the world. It is most notable known for India’s world cup win in 2011 and that famous Dhoni Six off of Kulsekara to win the World Cup. Ever since that match, the Wankhede has cemented its place in the folklore of Indian cricket.

  • Established: 1974
  • Seating Capacity: 33,108
  • End names: Tata End, Garware Pavilion End
  • Most runs at Wankhede in IPL: Rohit Sharma (1733 runs in 62 matches)
  • Highest Score at Wankhede in IPL: Sachin Tendulkar (100)
  • Most Wickets at Wankhede in IPL: Lasith Malinga (68 in 41)

Wankhede Stadium is the home ground of the Mumbai Indians team which is why its players dominate the records for this ground. The Wankhede will hold 20 league games for the IPL 2022 and is one of the biggest IPL 2022 venues. The BCCI has announced IPL 2022 to be played with 25% occupancy which means the Wankhede Stadium will hold 8,277 spectators for this season’s IPL.

When it comes to the pitch at Wankhede it is observed to favour swing bowler given its proximity to the Arabian Sea. The pitch however turns (pun intended) spin-friendly towards the end of a test match. In T20 matches it also favours the batsmen in the second half. The Wankhede’s pitch all in all is very good for all types of batsmen and bowlers at a certain time of the day which is why it is known to provide the best entertainment.

The Wankhede would be one of the IPL 2022 stadiums for sure.

Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai

The Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai is one of the oldest cricket stadiums in India having been built in 1937. This IPL 2022 venue has a great history behind it but has somewhat lost its charm recently. The Brabourne Stadium was turned into the home ground for Mumbai Indians in 2010 when the Wankhede was renovated for the World Cup.

  • Established: 1937
  • Seating Capacity: 20,000
  • IPL 2022 seating capacity: 5,000
  • End names: Pavilion End, Chruch Gate End
  • Highest team total: 209/4 AUSW vs ENGW
  • Lowest total: 96/10 ENGW vs AUSW

The Brabourne stadium is known to be batting friendly so expect a flurry of runs here. The first match of IPL 2022 at Brabourne will be Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians on 27th March. The Brabourne is one of the smaller grounds among IPL 2022 venues.

Maharashtra Cricket Association, Pune

Maharastra Cricket Association or the MCA as it is often called is situated in Pune and is the only stadium outside of Mumbai that will hold IPL 2022 league stages this year. This stadium is one of the newest in the country having been built in 2012.

  • Established: 2012
  • Seating capacity: 37,000
  • End names: Pavilion end, Hill end
  • Seating capacity of MCA in IPL 2022: 9,250
  • Highest total in T20: 201/6 India vs SL / 205/4 DD vs RPSG
  • Lowest total in T20: 101/10 India vs SL

The MCA stadium in Pune is the second biggest IPL 2022 stadium after DY Patil stadium. The pitch of MCA stadium is known to favour batsmen and supports the team batting second so expect many chasing wins at this IPL 2022 venue.

DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai

DY Patil Stadium is the biggest cricket stadium in Maharastra and one of the biggest in India with a seating capacity of 55,000. It is also one of the newer ones having been established in 2008. This is a multi-functional stadium and has also hosted ISL, FIFA U-17 World Cup and other events.

  • Established: 2008
  • Seating Capacity: 55,000
  • IPL 2022 seating capacity: 13,750
  • Highest total: 187/5 DD vs RPSG
  • Lowest total: 82/10 DC vs RCB
  • Best bowling: Bollinger 13/4
  • Most runs: Uthappa 226 at SR 133.73

The pitch is known to offers great support to bowlers as well as batsmen so games of this match will be very competitive between ball and bat. Do not however expect totals beyond 200 as the ground is big and hitting that many runs is very difficult here. The DY Patil stadium is the biggest IPL 2022 venue in terms of seating capacity in the league stages. The first game of IPL 2022 at DY Patil stadium would be played on 27th March between Punjab Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

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