FAU-G: This Fake Patriotism Is CRIN-G


After months of speculation on the fate of PUBG, it has finally been banned. As GDP shrunk to it’s worst and Chinese infiltration worsened, a smokescreen issue was imminent from the government. It came as no surprise to people who’ve known the government’s tactics. Ravish from NDTV even jokingly said a day prior to the ban that the government should atleast ban some Chinese companies so the news anchors could have something to talk about, and so it happened.

Of Course, Akshay Kumar Is Behind This

Now, just a day after PUBG ban Akshay Kumar has promoted an upcoming Battle Royal game called FAU-G. While the name is not the most original thing in the world, an Indian company coming up with a game caught my eye. Upon reverse image search, however, we found that the poster of the game is copied from somewhere else. For a game that needs more than a year to be made, the developers have nothing to show for, not even any sketches for the characters or any artwork.

Original and Copied side by side

Akshay Kumar has become the biggest opportunist in the country. Any major event takes place in India and hours later he comes up with an idea that makes him money using fake patriotism. While he himself has revoked his Indian citizenship for a Canadian one, he still has the gall to lecture everyone on nationalism!

A Trick Straight Out of Patanjali’s Textbook

Remember how Patanjali came up with a “medicine” claiming it cured COVID-19, that was nothing but a scam to make money off of people’s fear? Remember how news channels were doing free publicity of the medicine claiming Indian company to have come up with a cure before anyone else? Patanjali was later fined Rs 10 Lakhs by the Madras High Court for exploiting public fear.

FAU-G is the same scam as Coronil. Since PUBG was very popular it got banned mostly to draw attention away from a slump of 24% in GDP. Now, the people who profit off of fake nationalism want to cash this opportunity and launch a half-assed game that makes them money at least for a week or so. The plan will go like this,

  1. Announce the game with as much Indian connection as possible
  2. Buy any poorly made copy of PUBG from their developers and re-brand it with FAU-G
  3. Launch it and promote it as a national game built in the national interest.
  4. Use sentences like, “It will teach our youth about Indian Army”
  5. Get promoted by the news channels
  6. Make lots of money
  7. People know the game is not very good
  8. People switch over to some other game
  9. The developers earn more in one week than they invested
  10. Profit!
Sushant Was Making This Game?

There are rumours that Sushant Singh Rajput was working on this game before he died. People claiming this should realise that FAU-G did not exist before the ban of PUBG. The announcement was made to cash in the popularity and the suddenness of the news. If the game was in development, the developers would already have something to show for, apart from an image bought off of Shutterstock.

While you’re reading this article, nCore, the developers of FAU-G would be working hard to acquire a game and rebrand it as soon as possible. Their hope of making money, however, seems to have lost as PUBG has parted ways with Tencent. This would qualify it to be unbanned from India. It’s just a matter of days that PUBG is unbanned and Akshay Kumar moves on to another of his Cringey ideas that make him money using fake patriotism.

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