Feast Your Eyes on Zaheer Khan’s Wicket-Taking Deliveries From the 2011 World Cup


Zaheer Khan, one of the greatest bowlers to have played for India retired in 2015 and since then the team is searching for a left-arm pacer who could take his place. We have none so far, not anyone with a similar calibre. Zaheer Khan will always be remembered for his contribution to the World Cup-winning team of 2011 in which he took 21 wickets. He spearheaded a lethal bowling unit something that has been the weakness of the Indian team since the 90s. To celebrate his talent lets feast our eyes on his wicket making deliveries from the 2011 World Cup.

Knuckle ball, something that no other bowlers manage to perfect was his weapon of choice in the World Cup. Not only was he intelligent with the speed but also had the talent to swing both ways. The wicket of Paul Sterling in the match against Ireland is one of the best balls I’ve ever seen.

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