FINALLY! Rajdhani Express Is Getting Its Prestige Back


Rajdhani Express, probably the most famous Indian train has been in existence for over 52 years. In that time, it has gained a huge fan following among travellers who like luxury as well as punctuality. The Rajdhani Express is one of the most premium trains of Indian Railways and is always given priority over other express trains on track. The Rajdhani Express is always made sure to be on time at the expense of other trains even slowing down others when required.

In addition to the punctuality, it is also one of the few trains in which food is available to every passenger for the entirety of the journey without having to pay for every meal. Prior to COVID, some even travelled on Rajdhani Express just for the food. Now however things have been changing. Firstly, COVID forced Indian Railways to remove food from the journey as it could potentially increase coronavirus spread. This on top of many train cancellations meant the travellers were really short on options. Also, since all super fast trains got the red livery, the Rajdhani Express lost its Prestige.

Now however as things are improving, the Indian Railways has come up with the next incremental update for the ailing Rajdhani Express. Starting with the Agartala Rajdhani and Mumbai Rajdhani, the Indian Railways is swapping the older LHB coaches with Smart LHB coaches. These coaches come with a host of features that would take the Rajdhani Experience to where it belonged before every other train started to get the red LHB coach.

The Railways ministry said, “These bright golden-hued coaches, with enhanced smart features, are being introduced to run Railway’s prestigious Mumbai Rajdhani Express train offer best in class travel experience.”

Features of Rajdhani Express with Tejas Rakes

Some of the features that make the new Rajdhani Express truly premium are:

  • Digital Destination Board
  • Passenger Announcement System
  • Security Survellance Monitorng
  • Berth Reading lights
  • Air Quality monitoring system
  • Air Suspension Coaches
  • Automatic Doors
  • Improved Interiors

These are just a few of the improvements made in the new Rajdhani Express. The biggest visual change however is the colour of the coaches. Earlier Rajdhani Express used to have red coaches that set it apart from other blue coaches used for express trains. However, since the past decade, those red LHB coaches were added to most Indian Express tarins and so the Rajdhani seemed lost in the sea of Red trains. The new Rajdhani comes with yellow Tejas rakes that are distinctly recognisable from afar and hence it would certainly increase the premiums factor of the Rajdhani trains.

Sad news for Door plating fans

Door Plating is a term popular among Indian Railways enthusiasts who like to travel in Indian railways not just for going from one place to the other but for the experience that it comes with. Door Plating is the experience of sitting at the doors of an Indian train while the world zooms past at speeds. Since the introduction of Indian Railways, people have loved standing by the door as the wind blows in their hair. This however is very dangerous and as Indian Trains are getting faster every decade, the government rightfully wants to put a stop to it.

The travellers also have had trouble with getting on the train when it stops at stations. Since the doors are automatic, and they close two minutes prior to leaving, many get stuck outside and the people have to manually open the gate from the inside.

Altogether, however, the new Tejas rakes in Rajdhani Express are a game-changer and would certainly take back Rajdhani to its glory!

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