‘Flipkart Dogla hai’ Trends on Twitter after the shopping giant fails to meet demands and cancels orders


Flipkart and other online shopping websites are currently having festival sales. The company offers exciting price cuts on popular products in their sales, after spending crores on ads regarding the said sales. The ongoing Flipkart Dussehra sale was aimed to allow people to get the products that they wanted at a significantly reduced price.

It however hasn’t turned out exactly as the company had promised. Currently, thousands of customers are reporting issues with the Flipkart big billion-day sale as well as the Dusherra sale. Customers have also started to trend ‘Flipkart Dogla Hai’ on Twitter. The majority of the customers are reporting cancelled orders after the amount was already paid. There are also reports of account cancellation and bad customer service by shoppers. Twitter for example was brimming with such complaints.

One user with the name Prajwal Thakare wrote, “I order phone on 23rd September it was supposed to deliver by 27th September, but they change delivery date to 4th October. From past 4 days my package is in Pune. But still its not out for delivery worst experience ever.”

Another user by the name of Shushant Kumar singh who has his order of Redmi 9i Sport cancelled wrote, “My order got cancelled by Flipkart since price was increased from seller by INR 3000. Following from 1 week and no response. Planning to go customer forum.”

This is not the first time that something like this is happening with Flipkart; it is the same story every time a sale like this is opened. The company fails to manage the number of orders it receives and often takes multiple orders for single products.

Additionally, the company also fails to fulfil orders for electronic devices such as phones and laptops.

Automated customer support adds to the woes

Ever since COVID hit, companies have tried to minimize their customer support. These days most companies have automated responses to customer support queries and have very few actual people to handle customer questions through a phone.

The story is the same with Flipkart. When a user calls the customer support of the shopping platform, they are taken through a maze of auto-replies. Oftentimes, the customer gets irritated having been asked to ‘Press 1 for this’ and ‘press 0 to go back’ that they decide to cut the call and drink his anger.

Let’s see some of the Tweets regarding the Flipkart Dogla Hai trend:


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