For the first time ever, US Sport style flyby to grace cricket at ODI World Cup Final 2023


The anticipation for the 2023 ODI World Cup final is reaching a fever pitch as preparations are in full swing, particularly at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The final, scheduled for 19th November, promises to be a historic event, not only for the cricketing world but also for the unique spectacle that will precede the match.

In a groundbreaking move, India has decided to incorporate a US Sport-style flyby of planes, adding an exhilarating dimension to the pre-match festivities. The Indian Air Force’s renowned Surya Kiran aerobatic team has been selected to perform a captivating air show ahead of the high-stakes match.

Here’s the rehearsal by Surya Kiran team over Narendra Modi Stadium:

Social media platforms are buzzing with excitement as videos circulate, showcasing the Surya Kiran team practicing their breathtaking maneuvers over the Narendra Modi Stadium. The glimpses of their aerial prowess have captured the imagination of cricket fans and aviation enthusiasts alike, creating a buzz around this unprecedented addition to the World Cup final.

What is Surya Kiran Aerobatics team? 

The Surya Kiran aerobatic team, part of the Indian Air Force, has a rich history of showcasing precision and skill in their air displays. The team, whose name translates to “Rays of the Sun,” was formed in 1996 and is renowned for its dazzling formations and synchronized aerobatics. Comprising highly skilled pilots, the Surya Kiran team operates Hawk Mk 132 aircraft, known for their agility and versatility.

The aerobatic maneuvers performed by Surya Kiran are not only visually stunning but also require exceptional teamwork, coordination, and precision. Their displays often include intricate formations, loops, rolls, and other gravity-defying maneuvers that leave spectators in awe.

As the Surya Kiran team takes to the skies over the Narendra Modi Stadium, it promises to be a fitting tribute to the spirit of the ODI World Cup final, combining the thrill of cricket with the exhilaration of aerial acrobatics. The unprecedented inclusion of a flyby adds a touch of grandeur to the event, making the 2023 ODI World Cup final a truly memorable experience for fans worldwide.

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