Force Gurkha 2-Door Leaks for the First Time


Force Gurkha, the Yin to Mahindra Thar’s Yang has been in the shadows of the latter since its inception despite doing many things better. It is again trying to challenge the might of the Thar in India once again with a new offering that has been leaked. It is the new Force Gurkha two-door.

Pictures of the new Gurkha were posted by the user Shubhendra on Team-bhp’s forum. Here take a look at them.

The new Gurkha is expected to be launched on September 9th as it is NK Firodia’s founding father of Force Motor’s birthdate. Expected to come with the same 2.6L diesel engine producing 89 bhp and 260 Nm. The engine would have an all-wheel-drive system and would be mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

Improved Interiors

Say what you will about the Koran brands but they have certainly pushed every brand to improve their interior quality by showing them how to. Companies like Hyundai and Kia have upped their interior design game a notch and other companies have certainly taken notice. Just look at the interior design in XUV 700. These days, launching a car with just a good engine wouldn’t cut it.

The new Force Gurkha seems to have gotten the memo as well and as reports suggest, it would certainly come with an improved interior design. Sure, most of the materials used would be plastic but it will do its best to feel like a car and not like a Tata Ace from the inside.

Updated Styling

The 2021 Force Gurkha will also come with updated external styling as per the spy shots. Though it will retain the same boxy design, there are few changes to the bumper and rear end that make it slightly more modern. It will also have massive wheel arches housing 16-inch alloy wheels.

The most beloved feature, the snorkel would also be a company fitted accessory. Another feature that has caught the eye of many is the second-row window. It is long and harks back to the days of Tata Sierra that had a similar window setup. Many were asking for a similar car from Tata but I guess this will do too.

So what do you think of the 2021 Force Gurkha. Will it have enough to topple the Mahindra Thar off its podium? Or will it still continue to linger in the shadows due to poor after-sales service and non-refinement?

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