Forced Birth Control: China’s New Weapon Against the Uighur Muslims


After re-education camps and constant surveillance, the CCP has found another inhumane way to control the Muslim population in the country.

There is an ethnic cleansing going on in China at the moment. Although being done secretively, the cover is blowing off in recent times. A new report by Dr Adrian Zenz demonstrates how China is planning on controlling the Uighur population by forced birth control.

The report found that birthrate among Hotan and Kashgar prefectures that moat Uighur Muslims reside in, fell 84% between 2015-2018. In 209 itself when the national birthrate fell by 4.2%, Hotan and Kashgar prefectures saw a 24% decline. on further research, the report found that 80% of IUDs (Intrauterine Contraception Devices) were fitted in Xinjiang in 2018 as opposed to just 2.5% in 2014. The fact that Xinjiang, that makes up only 1.8% of China’s population uses 80% of the IUDs is mindboggling.

All these data point to a forceful use of birth control by the Chinese government in the region. Xinjiang has been under police control since 2017 with advanced technology being used to document and track every aspect of their lives. An extensive infrastructure of facial recognition coupled with surveillance apps on every phone makes this place a living hell.

CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, overconfident by absolute power is running unopposed making inhumane rules in the name of national security while the whole world fights with coronavirus- a pandemic created by the Chinese themselves. Propaganda among Pro-CCP people runs so intensely that they don’t realise how deep they’ve let the country sink breaking all the moral compass there is.

Other countries have let themselves become so dependent on China that they can’t do anything at the moment. No country has the economic power to sanction China in a time when the whole world is going through an economic decline. All the big companies have already set up their manufacturing hub in China and while they have enough to money to right the wrongs, they won’t do it as long as it’s profitable.

The only people who can help the Uighur Muslims are the Chinese, but the CCP propaganda and censorship is so effective that they’ve started to believe their own lies. Add to that the elimination of any dissenting opinions and we get current China!

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