Forget the Title Race, the Race for 3rd and 4th Is Where It’s At!


A close title race is always the pinnacle of a footballing season. The 2011-12 EPL season is still etched in everyone’s mind for its nail-biting edge of the seat end. Title races of the recent past, however, haven’t been all that close. This year Liverpool won the league with 8 games remaining. That’s boring!

Thankfully though, a fight for the Champions League places and the relegation battle makes the Premier League eventful until the last whistle. This year, there is a great battle going on for two spots left for Champions League in the Premier League.

It’s a four-way race for two spots with Liverpool and Manchester City cemented their place at the top. The four teams are Leicester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Wolves.

With just 6 points between them, it could be anyone’s spot. Even better all four teams are playing each other on the last day which is just amazing. Leicester’s schedule looks to be the toughest and Man United’s the easiest. They, however, have a 3 point advantage which even things out between those two teams. Chelsea have a very good chance of qualifying with 2 points advantage over United.

Very close games at the end of the season has made this long wait almost worth it. May the strongest team win!

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