Frank Lampard Falls Prey to the Short-Sighted Chelsea Board


Frank Lampard, the greatest Chelsea football player to have ever graced the pitch has been sacked from the managerial position and I have never been more mad of the board. What was expected to be a beautiful banyan tree has been plucked and thrown to the ground. The board has in its pursuit for immediate success has treated Lampard the same way as every other manager before him.

We all knew that it was indeed going to happen as it has happened on many occasions before, but we still believed that this was different. We were made to believe that this would truly be long lasting. We thought the board would certainly not turn against the one player that has done more than anyone else for the club, but we were wrong. Lampard was sacked after the first slump he encountered, leaving the supporters a little annoyed at the board.

Understandable in hindsight

Now that the smoke has settled a bit, we can indeed see it as not truly unfathomable. Chelsea have always had a very different model than Manchester United or Liverpool. The club has always been run more like a business and less like a traditional football club. There is certainly nothing wrong with this approach as it has won Chelsea numerable trophies after the Roman era, the like of which Arsenal and United can only imagine.

Lampard always knew what he was getting into. He has seen this charade take place on many occasions while he was a Chelsea player. He has been standing on the other side of this game many times. Now that it has happened to him he would certainly be sad, but could also see the irony in the situation. When Andre Vilas Boas was sacked after winning the only Champion League by Chelsea, Lampard said, “The players had no part in his dismissal, he played his card and they didn’t work, maybe he was too young and maybe the job was too soon for him.”

Legend forever

This short job stint does not tarnish any of his legacy at the club. He will truly be the best Chelsea player fo all time having scored the most number of goals for them and winning every trophy there is with the North London club.

He will be always remembered for his passion for the club as a player and certainly as a manager. Things quite did not work out as everyone wanted to but the door is always open for him. I can see him coming back to the club as a manager after gaining some managerial experience. For now, I can only say,

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!

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