Gavaskar Anushka Controversy and How to Blow Things Out of Proportions 101


The great Indian batsmen and commentator Sunil Gavaskar has found himself in controversy with his comments on Virat Kohli. While commentating on the match between KXIP and RCB, Gavaskar said that Kohli wanted to practice in the lockdown, that’s how he can be better. He continued, “He knows that. Since it was lockdown he was only able to practice off of Anushka’s bowling. I’ve seen the video. It can’t be much of help. ” Below is a video that shows exactly what he said.

His comments have now been blown out of proportions by the internet mob who now have the power to ruin anyone’s life. People on the internet are now claiming that his comments are sexist and whatnot without having any idea of the context in which it’s being said. Twitter, the cesspool of humanity is again out with pitchforks ready to ruin a man’s life and career without knowing anything about anything.

Anushka Sharma has also posted a status on her Instagram about how she feels the comment was distasteful and thinks Gavaskar was accusing Anushka of Kohli’s poor game. It seems like she has been misled by the furore that has erupted on Social media. Sunil Gavaskar did not “accuse her of husband’s game”. A twisted twitter user made it sound like Gavaskar was referencing to Anushka Sharma’s ‘balls’. He was merely suggesting that Kohli has not had any real practice in the lockdown apart from Anushka Sharma bowling referencing to the video that was shot by Kohli’s neighbours. This is the video that Gavaskar was referring to.

While Anushka has been accused of Kohli’s bad form in the past, this is not that. Gavaskar seems to be that bystander that is now caught in the storm. She thinks she is being dragged for Kohli’s poor performance and this unnecessary scrutiny must be really tiring for her, but this is not what she thinks it is. She needs to watch the whole video herself. The comments are avoidable but not malicious in any sense.

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