‘Getting all the hype it deserves’- Twitter flooded with memes after ‘adult website’ comes as top ten most visited in India


On the day of Dhanteras, the country woke up to an unexpected list; a list where one thing is quite different from all the other nine.

The list we are talking about is India’s most visited website. While websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and others are quite understandable, there is one that came out as a pleasant surprise to all internet users.

In the list revealed by World Index, Google ranks as the most visited website in India whereas its very own, YouTube comes second. Social media platform Facebook completes the trio of most visited websites in India. Twitter was ranked 10th among the most visited websites in India.

All of these are widely known websites and it is understandable that they rank among the top 10. It was however an adult website that ranked on ninth. Soon, social media started buzzing with users making memes on the surprising result.

India has over 800 million internet users. The number has seen a massive jump after Reliance launched a cheap internet service in the country in 2016. Today, the internet has shaped India into a connected country and has brought many from far edges of the country online.

Naturally, people also use it to watch adult content which is what has pushed the adult website into the top ten most visited websites in the country. On the back of this sudden increase in numbers on the internet, India also dominates conversations on most social media websites. This surprising result has also led many to make memes and funny reactions on Twitter.

Let’s look at how India reacted to the list of most visited websites in the country.


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