Harry Kane Needs to Stop Doing This Before He Kills Someone


Harry Kane the Tottenham Hotspurs striker and the England captain is an incredible player on the pitch. He is probably the only English player who could walk into any first XI in the world. He had currently risen to 9th in the all-time top goalscorers in the EPL with 151 goals. People feared for his form after the departure of Mauricio Pochhetino under whom he excelled the most. With the arrival of Mourinho however, he has picked up from where Pochettono left. Mourinho has added another dimension to Kane’s game. Earlier he was an excellent number 9, getting behind defensive lines and scoring goals. Now however he has started to hold the ball for others to score. His already brilliant passing has improved even more.

This season he has more assists than goals. He has partnered with Son to score 8 goals and assisting 10 more. This season he is dropping deep to get the ball and play into Son’s path. Another dimension that he has improved upon is drawing fouls. While drawing fouls is an innate nature of any footballer and is applauded by coaches, it is the manner of Kane’s play that is in question today. He has started drawing fouls in a certain way that is very dangerous to the other player who is against Kane. Watch the below video to see what I’m talking about


Kane has started this play where he backs into the player who is jumping for the ball near him, making him flip over and fall. In real-time it looks like Kane’s being fouled by the other player, however when seen in slow motion, it’s evident that Kane deliberately backs into the defender to draw a foul. He watches the other player going for the ball and quickly backs under him, making no attempt to go for the ball. Below video shows a Korean player almost dying due to a similar kind of foul that Kane does regularly. It is a little graphic to watch.

Escapes for being the England captain?

Many people think that Kane escapes any kind of repercussions due to him being the captain of the England national team. None of the commentators so far have called out his life-threatening play. They instead call him “such a warrior” or “a very intelligent player” which he certainly is but not calling these dangerous fouls while mocking Neymar for diving is a little hypocritical of the English football. If this was a one-time thing it could be let go for being unintentional but it’s not. Harry Kane does this in every game and it’s still not questioned.

This challenge has dislocated shoulder, broken collar bone or serious head or neck injury just waiting to happen as he is effectively tipping a player in mid-air who will always come landing down on their head/neck/back. 

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