Students Across India Rejoice as H.C. Verma Gets Padma Shri


There were some notable names for this year’s Padma Shri awards. While I don’t agree with these awards given based on fame rather than a person’s achievements, there are some gems that are unearthed each year.

H.C. Verma’s inclusion was a very pleasant surprise for every engineering aspirant in the country. For folks who don’t know, he is a retired professor at IIT Kanpur and at Patna Science College prior to that. He is most famously known for his book, Concepts of Physics.

Concepts of Physics pt 1

Every year, millions of students across India spend countless hours reading and solving this book in 11th and 12th std. Though there are other better and worse books than this, there is something simple about Concepts of Physics that makes it the go-to when starting out as a learner of physics, as HC Verma calls himself. It walks a very fine line being easy enough to be understood by kids who just passed 10th and tough enough to not make them overconfident. Eventually, they move to better and tougher books, but there exists a learning phase most students in the country travel through with a Concepts of Physics in their hands.

H.C. Verma is responsible for igniting interest in millions of students towards physics and that is enough to get him Padma Shri and all sorts of awards that could be given in the field of education.

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