Here’s all you need to know about Vande Sadharan train


We have been looking at the Vande Bharat train and thinking about when will the country get a sleeper version of it. Since long-distance travel is a bit of a hassle in India, that is what most people were hoping to get changed. Well, it looks like the Indian Railways has listened. 

In a significant stride towards modernizing its rolling stock, the Indian Railways is all set to launch the much-anticipated Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) Push-Pull Train across its extensive network. Representing a leap forward in passenger travel, this new development, crafted by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai, promises to usher in a new era of travel comfort and convenience.

According to the Senior Public Relations Officer of the ICF, Venkatesan GV, the eagerly awaited debut of the Push-Pull Train is slated for the end of this month, marking a pivotal moment in the timeline of Indian railway history.

The Coach Composition and Speed of the LHB Push-Pull Train has already generated much excitement among railway enthusiasts. With its dynamic 22-coach formation, including 1 SLRD-4 GS-12 SCN -4 GS-1SLRD, the train is engineered for an impressive maximum permissible speed of 130 kmph, ensuring swift and efficient travel across its routes.

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Highlighting its passenger-centric features, the LHB Push-Pull Train is designed to replicate the exceptional travel experience offered by the renowned Vande Bharat Express trains, particularly in the non-AC segments. The train boasts a host of cutting-edge amenities, including closed vestibules, a talk-back system, and a fire alarm system, prioritizing passenger safety and comfort as paramount.

Here’s a look at the pre-production LHB push-pull Vande Sadharan train: 

Notable features of the new LHB Push-Pull Train include:

  1. Aerodynamically designed WAP5 Locomotives on both ends in Push-Pull Configuration, ensuring a concentrated power train set.
  2. Jerk-Free Semi-Permanent Couplers for smoother travel experiences.
  3. Control Couplers on End Walls for seamless Push-Pull Operation with Locomotives at both ends.
  4. Fully sealed Gangways, guaranteeing enhanced safety and security for passengers.
  5. Coaches equipped with mobile chargers with suitable holders and foldable bottle holders, catering to modern passenger needs.
  6. Aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed seats and berths, complemented by improved color blending for a visually appealing ambiance.
  7. Upgraded cushioned luggage racks for added convenience during travel.
  8. Zero Discharge FRP Modular Toilets, promoting environmental sustainability and hygiene.
  9. Aerosol-based Fire Suppression Systems in toilets and electrical cubicles, ensuring a safe and secure journey for passengers.
  10. Radium illumination flooring strips for enhanced visibility and safety within the coaches.

With its comprehensive range of features and state-of-the-art design, the LHB Push-Pull Train is poised to revolutionize the Indian Railways passenger experience, setting a benchmark for excellence in the realm of rail travel. As it prepares for its imminent launch, the railway community eagerly awaits the transformational journey this new marvel is set to offer.

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