Here’s Everything you need to know about The Batman now that I’ve watched It


The Batman Review

Batman is one of the best superhero movies in recent times. It is dark, suspenseful, well shot and well-acted. This movie is the truest portrayal of a rich young guy whose parents have been shot dead. The Batman in this movie is shy and weird which is understandable since he has had a secluded childhood since when his parents were shot dead.

This movie also does the fight scenes pretty well. They’re very few in numbers but done well, as opposed to the ones in The Dark Knight trilogy. When it comes to the acting in The Batman, everyone played their character really well apart from Paul Dano who plays Riddlers. I found his acting to be forced. He was trying too hard to be creepy which when doesn’t work looks irritating.

His high pitched screaming and dialogue delivery was not something I’d call good acting and I found myself begging him to stop doing that. In hindsight, I think it was mostly because I thought he’d be a villain like John Doe (Kavin Spacey) from Se7en.

John Doe was calm, collected but did atrocious things, which is what made him scary. The Riddler in this does pretty bad stuff but he also whines a lot and tries to mix The Dark Knight’s Joker with John Doe and it does not work.


We’ve all heard and read about Gotham, how dirty and slimy it is but movies often aren’t able to portray it as one. The Batman does justice to the dirty Gotham by showing it as it is. This movie is mostly shot at night with rain which adds to the bleakness of Gotham.

Fight Scenes

The Batman does not have a high number of fight scenes like Marvel movies have. Fight scenes in The Batman however are evenly distributed throughout the movie which does a great job of breaking the monotonicity of the slow-paced storyline.


The Batman offers a good storyline with a good twist in the end. However, I found that twist to be not given as much emphasis as it should have. They just moved on from it, like, “yeah that just happened, anyway”.

The one thing that I liked about this movie is that the Batman is shown to be confused, untrained and sometimes wrong which is what makes him real.

Is there end credit for The Batman?

No, there is no end credit as this is not a Marvel movie and most movies apart from Marvel ones do not have end credits.

The Batman run time

The Batman run time is 2 hours 56 minutes which is certainly long for Hollywood movie watchers but we Bollywood viewers are quite unmoved by a 3-hour long movie. Mostly because ours has an interval in the middle for pee breaks.

Who was the Joker at the end of The Batman?

In the end, The Batman introduces the Joker (only his voice) who is played by Barry Keoghan. It would be interesting to see his take on the Joker as it is a very very tough role to do. Now more so when Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix have taken this role to legendary status.


I would rate The Batman 4.5/5 for its great acting, cinematography, and story. I would cut 0.5 for its length and the villain.

The Batman is referred to as Batman only once in the movie. Most of the times he is called The Vengeance

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