Here’s why Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 will outsell Triumph Scrambler 400X


In the fast-evolving world of adventure motorcycles, two contenders have recently emerged, promising riders a thrilling experience both on and off the beaten track: the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 and the Triumph Scrambler 400X.

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of these two formidable machines, taking into account their specifications and notable features. Here’s how the Himalayan 450 would outsell the Scrambler 400X. 

1. Power and Torque:

The Himalayan 450, with its enhanced 40 hp power output, has effectively addressed the issue of being underpowered on highways that plagued its predecessor, the Himalayan 411.

This notable upgrade makes the Himalayan 450 a more enticing option for Indian riders, providing the necessary power and torque to navigate various terrains effortlessly. On the other hand, the Triumph Scrambler 400X offers a respectable 39.5 bhp, providing a strong power output suitable for long rides and off-road adventures.

2. Touring Features:

When it comes to touring credentials, the Himalayan 450 takes the lead with a comprehensive set of features. It comes equipped with a windscreen, a tall front tire for enhanced stability, a sturdy luggage rack for carrying essential gear, a generously sized fuel tank for extended rides, and reliable tubeless tires for added safety.

Moreover, its comfortable seating ensures a fatigue-free journey, making it an ideal choice for long rides across the diverse Indian terrains. While the Triumph Scrambler 400X is undoubtedly capable on highways, it falls slightly short in providing the comprehensive touring package that the Himalayan 450 offers.

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3. Price Advantage:

Given its production in India, the Royal Enfield brand enjoys a notable advantage in terms of pricing. Speculations suggest that the Himalayan 450 could potentially match or even undercut the Triumph Scrambler 400X’s price, making it a more attractive and accessible option for adventure enthusiasts in India without compromising on performance and features. This competitive pricing strategy positions the Himalayan 450 as a strong contender in the adventure motorcycle market.

4. Service Network and Brand Recognition:

Royal Enfield’s extensive service network and widespread brand recognition across the Indian subcontinent play a significant role in tipping the scales in favor of the Himalayan 450. With its presence in virtually every nook and corner of the country, Royal Enfield has established a strong rapport with Indian riders, instilling trust and reliability in the brand.

This unparalleled network coverage gives Himalayan 450 riders a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that assistance is readily available, even in the most remote locations.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 presents itself as a well-rounded, powerful, and competitively priced option for adventure enthusiasts in India, offering an array of touring-friendly features and the backing of an extensive service network. While the Triumph Scrambler 400X remains a strong competitor with its commendable performance, the Himalayan 450’s comprehensive package and Royal Enfield’s trusted reputation are poised to make it a formidable force in the Indian adventure motorcycle market.

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