Hero sells a better looking motorcycle than Maverick for one third of the price


Hero MotoCorp, India’s leading motorcycle company recently launched the Hero Maverick, a 440 cc neo retro motorcycle. This particular motorcycle is intended as a challenger to the likes of Royal Enfield, Bajaj, Jawa, Honda, and now Triumph and Harley Davidson in the above 350 cc category. 

Hero has so far lacked the drive to emulate its success in under 150 cc to the higher segments. Today, Hero is the biggest seller of motorcycles in the country backed by popular motorcycles like Splendor, Passion, Glamour, and others. Despite its success in the lower class, however, Hero has failed to step into the higher cc segment. 

All that however is going to change. Hero recently partnered with the American giant Harley Davidson to venture into the sub 500 cc class. The partnership of two of the biggest motorcycle brands in the country brought about the Harley X440, a classic-styled motorcycle to the Indian shore. 

Powered by a 440 cc single-cylinder engine that produces 27 bhp and 38 nm, the X440 is aimed at Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Meteor 350 who enjoy a monumental lead in the sub 500 cc category in India. 

The HD X440 achieved rave reviews for its engine which turned out to be a torque monster with a great soundtrack. The motorycle however hasn’t made as strong a mark as Harley and Hero had hoped for. 

Enter Hero Maverick

After Harley’s brave attempt, it was time for Hero to bring out its own child born out of the Harley- Hero partnership, the Maverick 440 – a neo-retro offering trying to slot between the KTMs and the Royal Enfields. 

Powered by the same 440cc engine albeit a bit differently tuned, the Hero Maverick starts off with a great-looking front end, that takes a bit of inspiration from CB500s and 300s. A beautifully sculpted tank follows the front end with sharp side panels. The engine and frame borrowed straight from the Harley Davidson X440 also look perfectly fine in this avatar. This is however where good things end. 

Story of two halves

As you move a bit down further, you would see a disproportionally designed back end that seems to end a few inches short of where it should have. It’s like the designers designed the front part in the morning, went for lunch in the afternoon, came back, and half-heartedly worked on the back end, looking at the watch in anticipation for the day to end. 

Hero Maverick
Hero Maverick

In a way, Hero Maverick seems like the motorcycle counterpart of the Mahindra XUV300 which suffers from the same short-sightedness when it comes to design. 

It’s not like, Hero don’t have good designers, just recently, they showed that they could come up with a great design but they gave it a 125cc engine. The motorcycle is called Hero Xtreme 125R and objectively it is a better-looking motorcycle at a price which is one-third of the Maverick. 

Hero Xtreme 125R
Hero Xtreme 125R

The Xtreme 125R has better proportions to begin with. The fact that it draws inspiration from the Ducati Streetfighter V4 certainly helps. Ducati are the market leader when it comes to design and copying from the best is never a bad thing as TVS would also have you believe with the new Apache 310R which follows the same design language as the Streetfighter. 

All in all, the Maverick is a massive missed opportunity for Hero but it certainly is a good start for the Indian brand. Hopefully, they will be more courageous in the second iteration. 

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